Keto Function Ignite Keto Weight Loss Supplement Review Ketogenic Updated April, 2023
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Keto Function Ignite Keto Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Today we will review a product called Keto Function Ignite Keto. The manufacturer designed this product to help increase blood ketone levels. This increase of ketones is to help the body burn fat for energy instead of burning glucose from carbohydrates. It also claims to boost focus and increase clarity during mental performances. Read on to see what ingredients are used in Keto Function Ignite Keto and what benefits the manufacturer will provide.


  • Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate
  • Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate
  • Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate

Keto Function Ignite Keto contains a specifically formulated performance blend which consists out of the three ingredients listed above. The manufacturer claims that the product provides 12 g of high-quality BHB with natural flavor, organic coffee powder, and stevia.

Based on clinical studies, an effective ketone supplement should contain ketones which are derived from real red raspberries. The absence of this ingredient may hinder the product from being effective. Furthermore, it may not be as good as other products that do contain this ingredient. The product should also not contain any other ingredients. However, this product contains coffee powder and stevia. These may interfere with the effects of the product.


The label recommends that users take 1 serving with at least 10 oz. of cold water. It is best to start the product as a beginner with half a scoop to test tolerance. Increase over time to the recommended serving per day. The product can be consumed between meals, on an empty stomach, or whenever increased mental or physical performance is desired. Never exceed 3 levels scoops of the product within a day.


A container of Keto Function Ignite Keto contains 16 full-scoop servings and 32 half-scoop servings. The original price is $59, however, it is currently on sale for $49.99. The only problem is, even with the sale price, the product will cost about $100 per month. This is very expensive and customers will not be able to afford it over a long period of use.


The manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you may return it. Customers will be in doubt as the manufacturer does not provide a return period and they do not state the condition the product must be in upon returning it. Customers may be left at risk due to this weal return policy.

Keto Function Ignite Keto Review – The Bottom Line

After this review of Keto Function Ignite Keto, we have found a few positive aspects. The user is provided with clear and straightforward instructions on when and how the product should be taken.

Nonetheless, there are also a few negative aspects about the product that we need to take note of. First of all, the supplement does not contain ketones derived from real read raspberries. Lack thereof may affect the products effectiveness, especially in comparison with other products that do contain this ingredient. The product becomes pricey as one will have to purchase 2 containers to last one month.

Finally, the product is not backed by a solid money-back guarantee. This may indicate that the manufacturer is not confident in the effectiveness of the product. These are also the reasons why we are not confident in the effectiveness of Keto Function Ignite Keto. We recommend searching for an alternative ketone supplement.

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