Mukti Organics Age Defiance Night Serum Review - For Younger Healthier Looking Skin Night Serum Updated April, 2023
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Overall Score 67%

Mukti Organics Age Defiance Night Serum Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

The following review is for a product from Mukti Organics called Age Defiance Night Serum.  According to the manufacturer, this product is an effective night serum that helps to hydrate your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The manufacturer claims that their product contains a variety of ingredients that will nourish your skin while providing you with immediate hydration. Additionally, this serum contains a variety of key ingredients that nourish the skin while also defending it from the harmful effects of aging. The manufacturer also claims that the ingredients included in this formula will not only defend your skin from damage from environmental factors.


At first glance, this seems like an adequate combination of ingredients. However, our research indicates that there are numerous issues with this formulation. This product only contains three active ingredients. We believe that products that are truly effective contain a minimum of five active ingredients. Additionally, the manufacturers of this product do not state what concentration of the active ingredients has been included in the formula. Our research indicates that products similar to this one contain a minimum concentration of 10%.


This product comes in the form of a serum in a pump bottle. The manufacturer of this product recommends that you a few drops of this product and gently press it into the skin on your face, neck, and chest. You should make sure that your skin is clean before using this product. Additionally, the manufacturer recommends that you only use this product at night.


You can buy this product directly from the manufacturer on their online store. One bottle is available for $109.95. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide any discounts or special offers for this product, which we found rather concerning. Additionally, we were unable to find any information regarding shipping fees for this cream.


Sadly, we could not find any information on guarantees or returns policies for this product. This indicates that the manufacturer is not entirely confident with their product. Companies who offer guarantees are sure that their products serve their intended use and are thus not afraid to offer guarantees for people who are not entirely satisfied with the product they receive.

Mukti Organics Age Defiance Night Serum Review – The Bottom Line

When we reviewed this product, we found that it could be an effective option for individuals who want to improve the condition of their skin. The manufacturer included a variety of excellent ingredients in their formula. Additionally, there is a wide variety of positive customer reviews available for this product. However, we are not sure if we would recommend this product to anyone due to a few issues we uncovered. The manufacturers of this product did not include several key ingredients in their formula. Additionally, we were alarmed to discover that the manufacturer does not disclose what the concentration of the active ingredients included in this formula is. Finally, we were rather alarmed to discover that there are no guarantees available for the customers who buy this product.

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