Refuze Carb Blocker Weight Loss Supplement Review Carb Blocker Updated May, 2022
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Overall Score 67%

Refuze Carb Blocker Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

The manufacturer of this product claims that it is clinically proven to provide quick weight loss results. They state that the formula will reduce hunger cravings, boost metabolism, and regulate blood sugar levels. In the following review of Refuze Carb Blocker, we have analyzed factors which contribute to the effectiveness of this product to help you make an informed consumer purchase.


  • White Kidney Bean Extract – 500mg
  • Vitamin C – 150mg
  • Guarana – 40mg
  • Natural Caffeine – 2.2mg
  • Chromium – 30mcg

The main ingredient in this product is White Kidney Bean Extract. This ingredient is used in many carb blocking supplements because of its ability to prevent the absorption of carbohydrates. Therefore, it works to promote weight loss. The addition of Chromium is a positive factor. Chromium supports the benefits of White Kidney Bean Extract by working with insulin in the body to metabolize carbohydrates. Vitamin C and Guarana are supportive ingredients that aid weight loss and offer additional health benefits. Natural caffeine is known for its fat burning properties. This formula appears beneficial, however, lacks Chitosan – an ingredient found in many competitor products because of its role in supporting the carb blocking process. We were concerned to note that the manufacturer does not mention if they hold a cGMP certification. These certifications are used to ensure that the manufacturing process is of a high standard and, the lack thereof indicates that quality may not be a primary consideration.


The manufacturer’s recommendations state that users should consume one (1) capsule with a glass of water 20 – 30 minutes before a carbohydrate-rich meal. Users are advised to not exceed a dosage of 6 capsules per day. The manufacturer does not indicate how many servings should be consumed for optimal results. Considering that each serving contains a mere 500mg of White Kidney Bean Extract, an additional dosage will be required. The low dosage may not deliver results that competitor products do.


Potential customers can purchase this product online from the manufacturer’s store. A bottle of 60 capsules will cost you $32.75. This is a fairly expensive price. Additional dosage is required for optimal benefit and this will shorten the lifespan of each bottle. Customers may need to purchase this product frequently and this could become very costly. There are bulk-buy deals to encourage long-term use, however, this is likely accounting for the substantially low dosage. There are more potent formulas on the market that are more affordably priced.


The manufacturer claims to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. That said, their return policy stipulates that refunds are only eligible for unused products within 14 days of purchase. The inconsistency and fact that partially used products cannot be returned are major concerns. Customers cannot be sure of product efficacy until after a purchase has been made. With limited customer reviews to vouch for its effectiveness, we cannot confidently recommend this weight loss supplement for effective results.

Refuze Carb Blocker Review – The Bottom Line

There are a few positives about this product. The formula contains beneficial ingredients common to effective competitor products. The inclusion of a guarantee bodes well for product efficacy. That said, the dosage is very low and the price is rather high. Long-term use may be too costly to sustain. The guarantee offered by the manufacturer is inconsistent and does not apply to partially used products. This brings the effectiveness of the product into question. Furthermore, there are not enough customer reviews to support it. Therefore, we recommend seeking a more proven and supported weight loss supplement.

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