Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment Review - For Dull And Thinning Hair Hair Growth Updated September, 2023
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Overall Score 63%

Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Clinically proven to help regrow women’s hair, Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment considers itself the perfect solution to thinning hair that can be used daily to help rejuvenate hair follicles to promote regrowth. Using one specific ingredient believed to stimulate hair regrowth, the manufacturer has endorsed their product as the perfect solution for women. In this review of Keranique Hair Regrowth treatment, we will go through all the research and give you the details about this product.


  • Minoxidil 2%
  • Alcohol
  • Propyleneglycol
  • Purified Water

What is interesting about this formula is that it uses only the ingredient minoxidil (at 2%) to stimulate hair growth. Often, hair loss is due to changes in the body that affect the amount of vitamins that the body can create. This formula includes none of the ingredients that would be found in regular hair loss formulas such as biotin, saw palmetto, borage oil, and other vitamins. Minoxidil is not a natural ingredient and so it carries some risk associated with it.


This is a solution that you apply directly to your scalp. Users should apply one ml with the dropper twice daily directly onto the scalp where the hair loss area is located. No specifications as to when customers will start to see results but they are asked to not use it more than twice a day as it will not change results.


You can buy Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment as part of a package with other products for $49.95. This is marked down from the regular value of $165. Buying from the manufacturer’s website This package consists of the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo, The Volumizing Keratin Conditioner, and the Lift & Repair Treatment Spray. We could not find just the Hair Regrowth Treatment for sale on the manufacturer’s website, it seems you can only buy the whole package. It is available for purchase, however, on Amazon for $52.

Possible Side Effects

This product comes with quite a few warnings. You should first consult a doctor before using this product if you have heart disease. This product may also cause irritation, redness, dizziness, irregular heartbeat and more. The manufacturer states that this product may not work if you have no family history of hair loss, if your hair loss is sudden, or if it is associated with childbirth.


Keranique has a 120-day refund policy. This applies to the whole Hair Regrowth System, not only this one product. If you are not happy with the results of the product, simply contact customer service and they will give details about how to return the product for a refund.

Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment Review – The Bottom Line

Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment by International contains only one ingredient that they believe is proven to work on women’s thinning hair: Minoxidil. Although they have full FDA approval, it is still a chemical that is being used on the hair. There are no natural ingredients such as biotin and others, which are often used in hair loss products to replace the body’s minerals. Moreover, reviews on Amazon show at least 30% of the customers gave the product two stars or less, claiming side effects, expensive for a product of its kind, and no results. After much research, we also could not find how long they suggest the process will take before individuals will start to see an outcome. Our bottom line: there are other more natural formulas out there that will be able to do the trick without such a high price tag or tricky formula.

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