Agora Lifting Eye Cream Review - For Under Eye Bag And Wrinkles Eye Cream Updated February, 2024
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 67%

Agora Lifting Eye Cream Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Agora Lifting Eye Cream is a product that restores the skin around the eye area and lifts it to reduce lines and puffiness. It also helps to remove dark circles so that the skin has an overall fresh, hydrated and youthful appearance. This review will determine the value for money that this product provides based on the technical aspects of the product like ingredients and price as well as customer service aspects like a guarantee.


We researched extensively to find out a full list of ingredients in this product but were unable to obtain it. The listed ingredients are part of any standard eye cream.  Hyaluronic fills in the spaces between the cells to plump up skin and is able to hydrate the skin cells. It also helps them to replicate and replace damaged skin cells. Tripeptide 5 is actually a set of peptide molecules that presumably are involved in cell signaling that stimulates skin cells to rejuvenate themselves. We cannot be certain if this manufacturer includes any ingredients to hydrate the skin cells or protect the skin cells, nor can we find evidence that this product contains any ingredients that have the ability to remove dark circles. This is the sort of information that should always be shared by a trustworthy manufacturer.


The product is quite simple to apply. All it takes is spreading it around the eyes and massaging it in gently until it is completely absorbed. The manufacturer doesn’t state it but we recommend cleansing the application area beforehand.


The price of one tub of the product is a whopping $595 plus $250 shipping. Customers might find some relief in signing up for the loyalty program which can save them up to 35% but for most people this price is way too high. The manufacturer doesn’t provide any information about the size or quantity of the product delivered, but we have determined that the shipping weight is about 7 oz.


Despite the massive price for this product there is no evidence of a satisfaction guarantee. Customers are allowed to contact the manufacturer within 14 days of purchase to cancel the order and receive a full refund or return the product if it has arrived within that time also for a full refund minus shipping charges. Spending the amount of money that the manufacturer asks for without a guarantee that the product will work is a huge risk to take and not one that we recommend for customers.

Agora Lifting Eye Cream Review – The Bottom Line

The few ingredients we have determined in the product are scientifically researched. The product is simple to apply as well. Apart from that we can find nothing special about the product that would cause the manufacturer to charge the incredibly high price that they do. This is especially considering that the product is not satisfaction guaranteed, so we cannot be certain of its effectiveness. We have observed much cheaper products that are actually of better quality than this one, and are actually satisfaction guaranteed.

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