King Bio Jet Lag & Shift Change Review - For Relief From Jetlag Jet Lag Updated April, 2024
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King Bio Jet Lag & Shift Change Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This review will analyze a homeopathic product called Jet Lag & Shift Change, manufactured by King Bio. The manufacturer claims that their product promotes temporary symptom relief due to jet lag and shift change. These symptoms include sleeplessness, irritability, fatigue, nervous tension, drowsiness, and spasmodic yawning. Read our full review below to see what King Bio Jet Lag & Shift Change can do for you and if it is an effective product.


  • Cocculus indicus
  • Colchicum autumnale
  • Gelsemium sempervirens
  • Juniperus communis
  • Kali carbonicum
  • Kali phosphoricum
  • Nux vomica
  • Passiflora incarnata
  • Phosphoricum acidum
  • Phosphorus
  • Bio-Energetically Enhanced pure water
  • Citric acid
  • Potassium sorbate

King Bio Jet Lag & Shift Change has been formulated with a combination of homeopathic ingredients that claim to target jet lag. The only problem here is that it lacks an essential ingredient known as L-ornithine. This ingredient is effective in relieving stress and improving sleep quality. Without it, the product may not provide a dual-action solution to stress relief as well as a balanced body upon arrival. Lack of these ingredients and properties may make the product less effective.


The manufacturer suggests that the one first depress the pump until it is primed. The user must then hold the bottle close to the mouth and spray the product directly into the mouth. This should be done 3 times a day. It may be used more times as needed. The manufacturer does however add that adults should dose with 3 pump sprays, whereas children between the ages of 2 and 12 years should dose with 2 pump sprays.


King Bio Jet Lag & Shift Change can be purchased online from the manufacturer’s website for $19.99. Each bottle contains 2 fluid oz. One can also follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s website to locate a store nearby. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not offer discounts and there are no bulk packages for purchase.


The manufacturer offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. This is the only information provided by the manufacturer and leaves a lot of room for doubt. The customer does not know if they may return the product opened and used, or if it must be sealed upon returning. We were also unable to find customer reviews about the product. This is a concern as customer reviews, positive or negative, can help potential customers make a decisive decision on whether to purchase the product or not.

King Bio Jet Lag & Shift Change Review – The Bottom Line

There are a few things about King Bio Jet Lag & Shift Change that we like. The product comes in an easy to use spray bottle as well as clear instructions on how to use it.

We do however also see a few things that we do not like about the product. First of all, the product lacks an essential ingredient, L-ornithine, which is effective in stress relief and it promotes good quality sleep. Furthermore, the product does not have a dual-action solution for stress relief as well as the ability to allow the body to feel balanced upon arrival. Finally, the manufacturer offers a weak return policy, followed by the absence of customer reviews. For these reasons, we do not advise the use of King Bio Jet Lag & Shift Change.

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