Nature’s Way Silent Night Review - For Restlessness and Insomnia Insomnia Updated June, 2023
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Nature’s Way Silent Night Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This is a review of Silent Night, manufactured by Nature’s Way. The product has been designed to support those who experience restless nights of sleep. Nature’s Way claims to have produced a natural supplement for persons who struggle to have a good night’s rest. The nervous system is targeted by the relaxing properties found within Silent Night. It can, however, be difficult to find a good natural product that will help you. To learn more about Nature’s Way Silent Night, read our review below.


Proprietary blend – 1.76 g

  • Hops
  • Valerian
  • Lemon balm

The natural ingredients found in Silent Night seem to be good, however, this product lacks the presence of melatonin – an important ingredient which promotes sleep. The capsule is produced from gelatin and so this product can’t be used by vegetarians. Silent Night does not contain any artificial colorings or flavorings, it is gluten-free as well as soy-free and there are no preservatives found within.


Nature’s Way recommends taking 4 capsules daily, with water. It should be taken about 1 hour before bed. We are unsure if this product is effective because of the number of capsules one has to drink and because we are unsure of the ratio of each ingredient found in Silent Night.


Silent Night cannot be purchased on the manufacturer’s website. It can, however, be purchased online through several other sites, including Amazon and All websites currently have discounts and the prices range from $6.29 to $10.42, for a single bottle of 100 capsules. Shipping rates differ depending on the site you choose to use. The price of Silent Night is much cheaper than most of the other products that are designed for the same purpose. This could mean that the product is of poor quality.

Possible Side Effects

There are no possible side effects listed by Nature’s Way. It is however advised to not take more capsules of Silent Night than recommended. A healthcare professional should be consulted if difficulty in sleeping persists for more than 2 weeks. If you are taking any medication or if you are pregnant or nursing, it is recommended that you see a healthcare professional prior to the use of this product. It is also advised that one does not use this product if working with heavy machinery.


We have researched the website of the manufacturer as well as the label on the product and were unable to find any mention of a product guarantee. A lack of a guarantee for the customers does cause concern in the effectiveness of the product as well as the customer’s willingness to purchase a product which might not work for them.

Nature’s Way Silent Night Review – The Bottom Line

Silent Night seems to be a good natural supplement for the support of a good night’s sleep. There are unfortunately a few concerns that we have about the product. This product does not contain melatonin, an ingredient which should have been essential. The manufacturer does not include a money-back guarantee and the price of the product is very low. These could indicate a low-quality product and make one doubt the effectiveness of this product. The FAQs are also lacking body as there is only 1 question and answer available to see on their website. Nature’s Way does not have much information about Silent Night on their website. Due to all these concerns, we are unable to recommend this product.

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