Herbally Grounded Holy Basil Review - For Improved Overall Health Holy Basil Updated February, 2024
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Herbally Grounded Holy Basil Review

Herbally Grounded Holy Basil offers the many benefits of Holy Basil or Tulsi leaf in a convenient capsule form. The company uses only the highest quality herbs with no extra fillers. This herbal capsule can supposedly control stress levels and improve immune response.

Tulsi or Holy Basil has been widely used In Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. It is even considered a sacred plant because of its many health benefits.

Today, research has also shown that certain active ingredients in Holy Basil leaf extract can be effective as an anti-stress treatment.

So let’s take a closer look at Herbally Grounded Holy Basil and see how it stacks up.


According to the Herbally Grounded web site, its Holy Basil capsules are 100% vegetarian. It only lists one ingredient, which is Holy Basil Leaf. We assume that these herbal capsules would more or less contain grounded herbs and not a lab-derived extract. The company’s web site or label does not indicate how much actual Holy Basil leaf is inside every capsule.

Most other Holy Basil herbal supplements contain just the leaf extract and removes unnecessary plant material from its formulation. Lab standardized plant extracts will also have a higher purity and concentration of the actual active ingredients required to produce any health benefit.


The recommended dose for Herbally Grounded Holy Basil is 2 to 4 capsules twice a day. This is quite a lot of pills, considering other Holy Basil supplements require only two capsules at most per day.

Side Effects

Holy Basil is considered very safe to use, which has been proven by its continued use in alternative and mainstream treatments today.


The web site sells a bottle of Herbally Grounded Holy Basil with 100 capsules for $20. At the maximum dose of 8 capsules a day, one bottle should be good for two weeks up to a month.


Herbally Grounded Holy Basil comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Its web site does not state whether you can get a refund for bottles you’ve already opened.

Conclusion Of Our Herbally Grounded Holy Basil Review

Herbally Grounded Holy Basil is available for a decent price at $20 per bottle of 100 capsules. But one has to question how effective it can really be given that its recommended daily dose reaches up to 8 capsules. This is probably due to the raw Holy Basil leaf which will contain less active ingredients like Ursolic acid compared to what lab extracted supplements can offer.

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