Puritan’s Pride’s Specific Care Prostate Review - For Increased Prostate Support Prostate Updated November, 2022
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Overall Score 61%

Puritan’s Pride’s Specific Care Prostate Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

As men age, the prostate can negatively affect the flow of urine. With Puritan’s Pride Specific Care Prostate, the manufacturer says it understands this important stage of life and vows to help maintain a healthy prostate with the benefits of herbal ingredients. With a combination of extracts and pumpkin seed oil, we wonder if this is the formula you need to support prostate health. In this review of Puritan’s Pride’s Specific Care Prostate, we will delve into the product to help you make the best decision.


There were many vitamins and minerals missing from this list when compared with competitive products, such as Beta Sistosterol, Muira Puama, Zinc and more. Since prostates often become unhealthy due to an imbalance of hormones, these minerals would greatly help the recipe.

It must be said that Bearberry extract is actually a chemical and should not be taken longer than one month. It can also cause some side effects such as nausea or vomiting.


Unlike many supplements in this category, Puritan’s Pride (at the time of our review, at least) was selling this product for a notably low cost of $8.49 (regularly $16.99) for a 75-count bottle. There do not seem to be any conditions or membership plans attached to the price.


Adults should take one softgel four times a day and preferably with meals. This is not intended to be used by women, children under 18, or those taking any medications or with a medical condition. If this is the case, a healthcare provider should be consulted.


Puritan’s Pride has an excellent guarantee policy of returns within one year of purchase if a customer is not satisfied. This is one of the best guarantee policies we have seen for this kind of health supplement.

Puritan’s Pride’s Specific Care Prostate Review – The Bottom Line

Puritan’s Pride’s Specific Care Prostate has many benefits in addition to its generous refund policy. However, its formula and lack of reviews leave something to be desired. First, aside from saw palmetto, the formula does not include some main ingredients that are known to help with an unhealthy prostate. Moreover, one of the main ingredients is actually a chemical that should be taken with care. Also, Puritan’s Pride does not actually advise how long one should take it before results can be seen but it is best to not continue after one month for fear of side effects from the formula. Lastly, there are virtually no unbiased reviews of the product, giving us the impression that negative feedback is deleted. And, while at first glance the pricing is attractive, a 75-count bottle at the recommended dosage will last less than 20 days. This means you need to multiply the price by 1.5 to get the actual monthly cost  for apples-to-apples comparisons with competitors. We would urge users to beware and look for products also with a good guarantee policy, a better formula and unbiased reviews.

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