Western Herbal and Nutrition Hem-Relief Review - For Relief From Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids Updated December, 2021
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Western Herbal and Nutrition Hem-Relief Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This review will examine a product called Hem-Relief by Western Herbal and Nutrition. This is a product that comes in capsule form which claims to offer relief from the symptoms of external and internal hemorrhoids. The manufacturer claims that this hemorrhoid remedy is formulated with premium quality ingredients that are intended to offer users the highest levels of efficacy.

Additionally, the manufacturer alleges that the remedy is safe to use with most medications because it does not interact with them or cause adverse side effects. Moreover, it asserts that it does not have the risks and high costs that accompany other procedures and products. This review aims to bring all these allegations under an objective scrutiny so that you will know the facts before you make a decision to buy the product.


The product contains a blend of three main ingredients that help in its functionality.

Witch Hazel helps to relieve itching and minor pain. The Horse Chestnut seed in the formula helps with normalizing vascular permeability. Ginger root has antioxidant properties that are beneficial for the digestive tract.


The manufacturer of this product recommends using it in the following way. Take three to four capsules, three times a day, until symptoms are gone. For ongoing use, it is recommended to take 2-3 capsules a day with meals.


You can buy a bottle containing 90 capsules for $39.95 which is sufficient for a month’s use. You can also purchase in bulk when you buy online directly from the manufacturer’s website. You can buy two bottles for a price of $69.90, saving you $10. Moreover, you can buy four bottles (enough for four months) for a discounted total price of $124.80,  save you $35.

Possible Side Effects

Our search did not lead us to any adverse side effects accompanying the proper use of Western Herbal and Nutrition’s Hem-Relief. However, the manufacturer warns that all pregnant mothers should consult a doctor before they can consume this remedy.


The manufacturer of Hem-Relief accompanies it with a 90-day money back guarantee. Such a refund policy is a great way of cushioning a buyer against a possible loss of their money if the product fails to deliver as per its promise. However, the refund policy does not include shipping and handling charges. The product has 192 reviews, most of them being positive.

Western Herbal and Nutrition Hem-Relief Review – The Bottom Line

Western Herbal and Nutrition’s Hem-Relief is one of the many remedies on the market that endeavor to alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids. The pills retail at a very affordable price. Additionally, buyers can enjoy a money-back guarantee that shields them from a potential loss of their money if the capsules fail to satisfy them. However, this refund policy only applies to product that has not been opened and is returned in the same packaging as it was received. It is also unclear about the actual quantity of the ingredients in this product as it is a blend of the three ingredients. This could potentially affect the effectiveness of the product.

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