Rainbow Light MintAsure Fresh Breath Capsules Review - For Bad Breath And Body Odor Bad Breath & Body Odor Updated December, 2021
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Overall Score 66%

Rainbow Light MintAsure Fresh Breath Capsules Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Although commonly believed to be caused by bad oral hygiene and from eating odor-causing foods, bad breath is a condition that can be a result of internal issues. This review is going to take a closer look at MintAsure Fresh Breath Capsules, manufactured by Rainbow Light who claim to tackle bad breath both externally and internally. The manufacturer asserts that their product provides optimal breath with powerful, natural peppermint coated capsules that will instantly freshen your breath. Upon swallowing, the internal capsule will continue to release odor fighters that they claim will result in long-lasting, natural breath. It is naturally sweetened with Xylitol which is a natural sweetener. Each package contains 160 capsules.


  • Parsley (seed) Oil – 16mg
  • Xylitol (from birch tree) – 126 mg

Other Ingredients: Sunflower oil, kosher gelatin, purified water, glycerin, natural peppermint flavor, acacia gum.

Parsley seed oil contains chlorophyll which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help neutralize toxins and pollutants that are ingested daily. It can also help cleanse odor-causing toxins from the bloodstream.

Xylitol is a natural sweetener that increases the flow of saliva which can wash away bacteria and makes the environment less welcoming to odor-causing bacteria.


Rainbow Light recommends taking 2 MintAsure capsules after meals and to swallow with water or with other fluids. They advise against chewing the capsule.

Those who are under medical supervision, pregnant or nursing should consult with their doctor before taking this product.


This product is available on the manufacturer’s website for $12.79 for a 160 capsule bottle. There are no bulk purchasing packages or discounts offered.

Possible Side Effects

Rainbow Light does not list any possible side effects. It is believed that consuming an excess of parsley can cause anemia.


The manufacturer asks that if you want a refund for your product to return it “as soon as possible.” They do not stipulate what the terms and conditions are.

Rainbow Light MintAsure Fresh Breath Capsules Review – The Bottom Line

This breath freshener appears to be an ample product. It fights bad breath through its two main active key ingredients, Parsley Oil and Xylitol, that have been shown to alleviate bad breath. Through our inquiries of these capsules, we found many consumer complaints which reported that this product had little to no effect after taking them as recommended by the manufacturer. Some users claimed that they experienced adverse side effects, like bloating and cramping, after taking them. The sweetened coated exterior which is sweetened with Xylitol doesn’t appear to serve a purpose. It does not offer breath freshening properties like mint will. The capsules work internally after you swallow them and consumers reported that the sweetened exterior made it harder to swallow and causes the capsules to stick together. This leaves the product with only one effective ingredient that offers relief from bad breath. There are many products that have extensive lists of key ingredients with many more elements that have been proven to combat, cleanse and eliminate the system from toxins that cause bad breath.

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