Lee Haney Nutrition 7-Day Detox Review - For Flushing And Detoxing The Colon Colon Cleanse Updated June, 2020
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Overall Score 55%

Lee Haney Nutrition 7-Day Detox Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This is a review of Lee Haney Nutrition 7-Day Detox. This dietary supplement claims to be a natural mixture of nutrients and herbs. It has been designed to target the colon, kidneys, liver, and urinary tract by ridding it of waste and bloat. This product is especially helpful for persons who wish to reset their body or give it a jump-start, by flushing the system and keeping your body running at an optimal level of performance. Read our review below to learn more about Lee Haney Nutrition 7-Day Detox and if it is worth a try.


  • Flaxseed Oil – 2000mg
  • Oat Bran – 4150mg
  • Psyllium Husks Powder – 3400mg
  • Cape Aloe – 1400mg
  • Bentonite Clay – 1310mg
  • Black Walnut Hull Powder – 300mg
  • Flaxseed Powder – 120mg
  • Glucomannan – 100mg
  • Senna Leaves – 100mg
  • Cascara Sagrada – 100mg
  • Fennel Seed – 100mg
  • Prune Powder – 90mg
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract – 90mg
  • L. Acidophilus – 90mg
  • Cayenne – 40mg
  • Barley Powder – 8mg
  • Apple Pectin – 98mg

Flaxseed is commonly used as a colon-cleaner and thus why it is found in such a high concentration in this product. Oat Bran is a healthy insoluble fiber which aids in the detox process. Other ingredients include organic flaxseed oil, rice flour, gelatin, vegetable magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, caramel color, and purified water. The product has an allergen warning as it contains black walnut, which is a tree nut.


The manufacturer suggests that the user take two packets twice a day as follows: Cleansing Complex (clear packet): Take 1 packet an hour before breakfast and 1 packet an hour before dinner. Take with an 8-10 oz glass of water. Fiber Complex (white packet): Take 1 packet immediately before breakfast and 1 packet immediately before dinner. Take with an 8-10 oz glass of water.

This product should not be used for longer than a week. Discontinue use for 4 to 6 weeks before repeating this or any other cleansing program. One is also cautioned that if the stool becomes too loose, that you reduce intake of the clear packet to only 1 per day.


The product can be purchased online from the manufacturer’s website, A bottle of 28 packets will cost $39.99. There are no discounts available.


It was somewhat concerning that we could not find any information on a money-back guarantee. A lack of guarantee could hinder customers from trying a new product, as they would not want the risk to lie with them.

Lee Haney Nutrition 7-Day Detox Review – The Bottom Line

There are a few things we like about Lee Haney Nutrition 7-Day Detox. It contains many ingredients which are essential for a detox. It also comes with very clear and straight forward instructions on how and when to use it.

Unfortunately, there are also a few things we do not like about the product. First of all, the manufacturer does not offer any discounts on their product. Also, the manufacturer does not offer a money-back guarantee. This is very concerning as new customers would prefer purchasing a product, test it, and return it for a refund if it does not deliver the results it should. Finally, there are no customer reviews on the manufacturer’s website. Furthermore, the customer reviews on Amazon where not too promising as many customers where not satisfied with the results. Due to these reasons, which may indicate that the product is ineffective, we are unable to recommend Lee Haney Nutrition 7-Day Detox.

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