Agelyss Restorative Eye Cream for Wrinkles Eye Cream Updated February, 2024
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Agelyss Restorative Eye Cream Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Agelyss Restorative Eye Cream is an anti aging eye cream that is manufactured by Agelyss. This product is claimed to be formulated with a unique blend of the highest quality ingredients that are clinically proven to effectively repair and restore the skin around your eyes, visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes while also helping to prevent under-eye bags and puffiness. The manufacturer claims that this firming eye cream will beneficially hydrate and moisturize your skin to improve its overall appearance while also functioning to effectively tighten and firm the skin around your eyes, providing you with the results of visibly more radiant and more youthful looking skin. Additionally, the manufacturer of this eye cream also promises that it will effectively boost the production of collagen to enhance skin repair and regeneration while also assisting to beneficially reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles by effectively brightening skin. Agelyss Restorative Eye Cream is a vegan-friendly product that is not tested on animals and it is also suitable for all skin types, which is great.

Read our full Agelyss Restorative Eye Cream review to explore all the real facts about this product. Can it visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark under eye circles? Does it contain clinically proven ingredients that are capable of providing the promised effective results? Does the manufacturer provide a confident guarantee to back the product claimed effective results of eye cream? In the following informative review for this anti aging eye cream, we investigate and uncover all the real facts about this product to ensure that you can make the most assertive choice when choosing the most suitable product for you.


Agelyss Restorative Eye Cream is formulated with more than 10% active ingredients, which includes 5 patented ingredients that are clinically proven to provide effective results and they are also third-party tested for quality. This indicates that it is an effective anti aging eye cream, especially when considering that numerous eye cream reviews available online show that most other similar products only contain at most 2% active ingredients that are not necessarily clinically proven. Furthermore, this product does not contain any harmful artificial fragrances, phthalates, hormones or parabens which is quite a pleasing aspect for any skincare product.

Based on the information provided on Agelyss website, this product contains some of the following clinically proven ingredients:

  • Eyeliss
  • Syn-Coll
  • Regu-Age PF
  • Syn-Eye
  • PhytoCellTec Alp Rose

Eyeliss is a patented ingredient that contains three active molecules, which function to beneficially reduce inflammation, improve skin’s firmness and elasticity, it is also clinically proven to effectively treat and prevent puffiness around the eyes and under eye bags. Syn-Coll is a peptide that can slow down the aging process of your skin. As a clinically proven patented ingredient, Syn-Coll can boost the production of collagen, actively revitalize your skin, visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, increase your skin’s firmness and provide beneficial protection against collagen degradation. Regu-Age PF contains specially purified yeast-derived superoxide dismutase as well as soy and rice peptides, it is an effective bioactive that can reduce dark circles and eye puffiness while also protecting and strengthening under eye skin. Research shows that Regu-Fade PF can improve skin texture by more than 30% is as little as 4 weeks. Syn-Eye is another great patented ingredient to look for in an anti aging eye cream because it offers the delicate skin around your eyes essential hydration and protection while also visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles within just 7 days. PhytoCellTec Rose Alp can protect skin from harmful environmental factors and effectively strengthen the skin’s barrier function.


Agelyss Restorative Eye Cream is available in a hygienically sealed airtight container that should last you roughly one month when used correctly. The manufacturer provides clear, easy to follow instructions for this product that imply it is a fairly simply eye cream to use. According to the manufacturer, this anti aging eye cream can be applied during the day or at night and recommends that you should apply it daily for best results. It is also suggested by the manufacturer that you should apply this product to the skin around your eyes using the tip of your finger. Gently massage the eye cream into your skin using circular motions until it has completely absorbed. It is quite pleasing that the manufacturer provides adequate clear information to ensure that this product is used correctly, which is not often the case when reading some other eye cream reviews for other similar products.


Purchasing this product is fairly simple and convenient, considering that it is easily available online directly from the manufacturer’s website. The price listed for one 15 ml container of Agelyss Restorative Eye Cream is $59, which seems relatively reasonable for a quality anti aging eye cream according to the vast majority of eye cream reviews for other similar products. Alternatively, there are two quite tempting bulk buying deals advertised for this product that also includes free shipping. Opting to purchase a 3 pack deal of this eye cream for $108 will provide a 54% discount and each container will then only cost you $36 to save you a surprising total of $129. The 6 pack savings deal will cost you $188 and advertises a 60% discount when purchasing six containers of this eye cream for a low $32 each, saving you an unbelievable $286 in total. These discounted bulk deals are great because they increase the general affordability for this high-quality product.


Agelyss offers customers a completely risk-free purchase for this anti aging eye cream by providing an extremely confident full money back guarantee that is valid for 365 days. The details provided for this guarantee explain that you may return a product if you are not entirely satisfied with it for any reason and your purchase will be fully refunded. Additionally, you may return one or more products for a full refund even if they have been opened and used which indicates that this is a significantly strong money back guarantee. When reading various eye cream reviews online, it seems that most other manufacturers of similar products do not allow refunds for opened and used products. Further inspection of this firming eye cream indicates that it is manufactured in an FDA registered facility that is cGMP certified, which is a very pleasing aspect.

There are also numerous positive customer reviews available on the manufacturer’s website that give this product a 5 star average rating. The vast majority of these customer reviews compliment almost every aspect of Agelyss Restorative Eye Cream. While some customers compliment the high quality and luxurious texture of this eye cream, numerous explain that it is an effective anti aging eye cream that did provide the manufacturer’s promised visible results. This suggests that it is an effective firming eye cream in general that far exceeds even the claims of most other similar products. When reading eye cream reviews for most other similar products in this category, it seems that most other firming eye creams have much less positive customer feedback online and therefore, this product stands significantly superior for most reasons.

Agelyss Restorative Eye Cream Review – The Bottom Line

This firming eye cream is most definitely a top quality option that you really should consider, especially because it appears that there are no significant negative aspects to be concerned about. Not only does the manufacturer offer customers a completely risk-free purchase for this product and provide very large discounts for bulk purchases, but they also exhibit confidence with an unusually strong money back guarantee that is valid for an entire year. According to most eye cream reviews that are available online, this product is formulated with 5 patented ingredients and it also contains by far the most effective ingredients that are backed by clinical research and third-party tested for quality, while most other similar products seem to lack adequate ingredients and generally do not contain even one clinically proven ingredient. Furthermore, Agelyss Restorative Eye Cream is fairly convenient to purchase online, relatively easy to apply for an anti aging eye cream and it also contains high-quality ingredients that are vegan-friendly, not tested on animals and safe enough to be suitable for all skins types. There are also no negative customer reviews available for this product on the manufacturer’s website and online and a large number of positive customer reviews found suggest that it is generally an extremely effective anti aging eye cream.

In light of all the relevant aspects of this product, we recommend that you should consider taking advantage of the manufacturer’s advertised discounts and enjoy the various list of proven benefits that it can offer your skin.

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