Thorne Research Meriva-SF Review - For Improved Overall Health Turmeric Updated April, 2024
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 53%

Thorne Research Meriva-SF Review

Manufacturer’s Claims

Meriva-SF is one of those dietary supplements that claim to support and improve joint and muscle health. The manufacturer says that this particular product is safe for use by people who are sensitive to soy as it binds curcumin to phospholipids. It also claims to have the ability to manage and control occasional soreness and stiffness brought about by malfunctioning joints and muscles. The manufacturer also adds phytosomes to help you absorb the nutrients used in the formulation for the best results. This review of Thorne Research Meriva-SF is designed to help you, the consumer, determine if this formula is an ideal supplement worth your money.


This product contains a 500 mg blend of Curcumin phytosome (Curcuma longa) extract and phosphatidylcholine complex derived from sunflower.

Other Ingredients are:

  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
  • Calcium Citrate Laurate
  • Hypromellose capsule
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Leucine
  • Silicon Dioxide

Curcumin offers numerous antioxidant benefits that support joint health, as well as the hepatic system, gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular systems. It helps maintain a normal inflammatory response in the body by optimizing cytokine production. Since Curcumin is poorly absorbed in the gut, Thorne Research combines it with phytosomes, which significantly increases curcumin absorption. The manufacturer also adds phospholipids (extracted from safflower) in the formulation which makes sure that the curcumin component of the formulation reaches the body’s cells that are in need of it. Attaching phospholipids to curcumin makes the formulation safe for people sensitive to soy.


The manufacturer recommends that you take one to two capsules twice daily. You can also consult a health care practitioner for advice.


The good news is that you can buy a bottle of Thorne Research Meriva-SF from the manufacturer’s website. One bottle contains 120 vegetarian capsules and sells at $41.60 for a one-time purchase. Thorne Research offers an auto-delivery option and we also found discount coupons codes.

Possible Side Effects

Thorne Research Meriva-SF is not intended for use by individuals with a hypersensitivity (past or present) to any of the ingredients in the formulation. For pregnant women, you need to consult a qualified physician before using it. Also, you should know that Curcumin reduces the therapeutic efficacy of Cytoxan (cyclophosphamide). Curcumin also interferes with the absorption and potency of some chemotherapy prescriptions.


Thorne Research Meriva-SF does not offer the consumer any form of customer satisfaction guarantee. However, we did find a very brief return policy mentioned on their website. If you wish to return the product, you need to contact customer service and then you have 14 days to return the product. During this research, we found no verified consumer reviews, ratings or comments that could possibly indicate that the remedy is not that popular.

Thorne Research Meriva-SF Review – The Bottom Line

From this review, you will agree with us that Thorne Research Meriva SF appears like an efficient natural remedy that alleviates joint and muscle pains. It contains pure and natural ingredients, and the curcumin is patented with a formulation that allows for a slow absorption in the bloodstream, increasing its efficacy.

Even so, we did find some drawbacks that should concern you. As already mentioned, Meriva-SF does not come with a concrete money-back guarantee. Every time you purchase a bottle of the formulation, you risk losing all your money should the product fail to work out as it claims. Also, the fact that we found no user comments or ratings should be enough to tell you that not many people are using this product, and those who have, do not feel the need to leave a review. Another downside is that we did not see a cGMP certification. Failure of a production company to be certified with a certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices also raises concerns regarding quality and safety. In line with that, we also thought Thorne Research Meriva-SF is too expensive compared to similar products on the market that deliver similar benefits.

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