Herbal Hills Moringa Review - For Weight Loss and Improved Health And Well Being Moringa Updated November, 2023
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Overall Score 63%

Herbal Hills Moringa Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Herbal Hills Moringa is a dietary supplement that contains pure powder from the leaves of the Moringa tree. Moringa is considered to be somewhat of a super food because of the various vitamins and minerals that it contains and the health benefits it produces. This manufacturer claims that their product will help the body to detoxify and improve bone health and energy levels.


The Moringa oleifera powder is delivered in tablets. Each tablet contains 500mg of Moringa oleifera powder. Moringa oleifera contains a compound called benzylamine which can act on the various cells in the body and help them to take up glucose from the blood. This helps to control blood sugar levels and improve energy.

Moringa oleifera is also high in iron, calcium and potassium. These three minerals perform various functions that include building strong bones, relaxing muscle contractions and transporting oxygen in the blood. It also contains high levels of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E which perform various functions in the body including acting as antioxidants. They are especially important in improving the health of the immune system.


The manufacturer suggests taking one tablet daily with meals. The manufacturer says that the product is better absorbed when taken with warm water. Our research has determined that the dosage of Moringa in The supplement is lower than optimal which is actually 1200mg. It is difficult therefore to say whether the supplement will be effective or not according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


The supplement is sold by an Indian company but at the dollar equivalent of the rupee price at the time of the writing of this review, 60 tablets will cost $2.85. This price does not include shipping or taxes. There also does not appear to be any discount for buying in bulk.

Possible Side Effects

There aren’t any major side effects associated with taking Moringa oleifera extract apart from if you are pregnant. Moringa oleifera extract contains certain compounds that could induce a miscarriage by causing spontaneous contractions.


The product is not covered by a guarantee but customers may return the product if it has not yet been used. It is important that the customer returns the product in the original packaging or the return will not be accepted. The manufacturer does not say if the full purchase price is returned or if it is just a portion.

Herbal Hills Moringa Review – The Bottom Line

Herbal Hills Moringa contains the right ingredients to fulfill the manufacturers claims. It is also very cheap. However, we do not consider the supplement to be the best Moringa on the market because it does not offer the active ingredient in an extract form and the dosage is very low. Despite the fact that customers may be paying a low price, they may be receiving an inefficient product. They’re also not protected if the product does not work for them so they will have ended up wasting money. There are other tried and trusted products on the market that we believe are of better quality than this one.

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