WestCoast Naturals Leg Assist Varicose Vein Supplement Review Varicose Veins Updated April, 2023
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WestCoast Naturals Leg Assist Review

If you have varicose veins you don’t need to suffer all the discomfort and the pain. You can get rid of all these side effects and the skin on your legs will glow again if you chose the right treatment. A good option for people suffering from varicose veins would be WestCoast Naturals Leg Assist. This product seems to be pretty effective because there are many people who opt for it every day. Pay attention and find out as much as you can about WestCoast Naturals Leg Assist and then decide if this is the right product for your needs.


There are many products available on the market which are able to help people with varicose and spider veins. The content of each product is what makes the real difference. Let’s see what WestCoast Naturals Leg Assist contains:

  • Gelatin
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • European Horse Chestnut Seed Extract
  • Grape Seed Extract

All the ingredients mentioned above create this unique formula which provides you all the support you need during your fight with varicose veins and all their side effects.


As all other similar products, this one also comes with a recommended dosage. You should respect this dosage if you want to enjoy all the benefits brought by this product. You have to take two capsules daily, every 12 hours. Take the pills with a large glass of water. You can follow this treatment up to six weeks.

Side Effects

Before you start treatment with this product it is advisable to consult your doctor but there is no specific information about any side effects on the producer’s website. Despite this, if you have diabetes or if you are taking some blood thinners you must be careful when taking these capsules. Also, if you are pregnant, if you are breastfeeding or if you have cardiovascular problems you have to avoid taking WestCoast Naturals Leg Assist.


This product is sold in bottles with 60 capsules. If you take two capsules per day one bottle should be enough for about a month. The price is not high and everyone can afford to purchase this product. It costs $12.97 but the price can vary if you buy it from other websites.


It seems that this product has no money back guarantee.

WestCoast Naturals Leg Assist Review – The Bottom Line

Many users say that this product is very reliable and it can represent a good treatment for varicose veins but this is not the only option. There are many other products as good as this or even better.

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