Femarelle Menopause Support Review - For Symptoms Associated With Menopause Menopause Updated April, 2024
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Femarelle Menopause Support Review

Symptoms of menopause are always a problem. Which woman doesn’t hate having hot flashes, insomnia, vaginal dryness or annoying mood changes? In general, women over 40 start dealing with aging and menopause. That is why some help is always needed. Symptoms of menopause can be treated in many ways but the most recommended therapy is the natural one. A holistic approach is always a better option for women trying to fight the side effects of menopause. There are many options available on the market in terms of natural remedies and one of these options is Femarelle Menopause Support. This is a supplement that is able to treat symptoms of menopause because of its useful content. The product is based on Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators also known as SERMs, which are obtained from soy. As you can see, the product is different from the traditional hormone therapy.

Soy has proved over the years to be very effective in treating side effects of menopause and that is why the manufacturer of Femarelle Menopause Support based the product on these kinds of compounds. It’s time to find out more about this unique formula. After having all the necessary information it’s up to you to decide if you will chose this product or not. The reality is that many women thought that this formula if really effective and it really brings many positive results in a short period of time.


The product’s content is quite simple but the ingredients are very useful. This formula has been on the market for more that 12 years and many women decide to buy it every day. Find out which are the ingredients you can find in Femarelle Menopause Support:

  • Grounded flaxseed
  • DT56a which is a compound derived from soy (SERM)

The supplement may not contain that many ingredients compared to other products used in treating side effects of menopause but it is as useful. Soy contains many isoflavones which are well known for reducing inflammation of the body and for contributing to a normal hormonal level. Flaxseed is another ingredient which helps maintain a normal overall health.


As all the other natural supplements, Femarelle Menopause Support seems not to have any notable side effects but you should only take a recommended dose daily. It is best to take two capsules per day. You should take one capsule in the morning and another one in the evening.


The product comes in bottles with 56 capsules each. The price is similar to other similar ones available: 29.8 Euros. Any woman can buy this formula if they decide that it suits her needs.


There are no available information regarding the guarantee issue but you can contact the manufacturer if you are looking for this kind of information.

Conclusion Of Our Femarelle Menopause Support Review

Femarelle Menopause Support has been available on the market for many years and buyers are already familiarized with it. The formula seems to bring positive results and women trust that it really works. Some of the symptoms of menopause are now forgotten with some help from this product. You should definitely try this combination of ingredients! This product, on the other hand is not FDA inspected and it does not have a guarantee anywhere on the internet.

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