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Raspberry Ketone Pure Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Choosing an effective supplement which helps you to achieve your goal weight can be tricky. It all comes down to quality, affordability, dosage, and guarantee. In this review of Raspberry Ketone Pure, we look deeper into these facts to see why this product has stood out from the rest. Raspberry Ketone Pure claims to effectively promote weight loss and enhance your overall well being by stabilizing blood sugar levels and lowering your cholesterol. The product advertises that this supplement is free of any fillers or binders and adheres to the required manufacturing standards.

Let’s see if this product lives up to the claims.


As promised by the manufacturer this product only contains 100% pure raspberry ketone and does not have any additional ingredients which could affect the potency of the natural ingredients. The way in which this formula works is that the raspberry ketones stimulate the secretion of adiponectin. This hormone then allows the body to use the fatty deposits stored for fuel and energy instead which in turn burns fat and leads to weight loss.


The manufacturer recommends that you take one capsule in the morning followed by a second in the afternoon. This should be taken with meals for optimal results. In order for a formula to work, the dosage needs to be potent yet safe enough to deliver the desired results. Fortunately, this dosage is 1000 mg of a daily serving which means that it is powerful enough to work. The manufacturer recommends that you take one capsule in the morning followed by a second in the afternoon. This should be taken with meals for optimal results.


A single bottle of Raspberry Ketone Pure contains 60 capsules which are enough to see you through 1 month. The product can be purchased online directly from the manufacturer for $49.95 per single unit. Fortunately, there are bulk purchase discounts available for this product which are the Beginner Package which features 2 bottles for the price of $34.95 each. The Advanced Package which features 4 bottles at the cost of $24.95 each and finally the Top Selling Package which features 6 bottles at the cost of $23.30 each.


While conducting the research we found that this product is covered by a 60-day money guarantee which also applies to bottles that have been opened already. We also found that this product is cGMP certified.

Raspberry Ketone Pure Review – The Bottom Line

What we found in our research of this product is that the manufacturer has stayed true to its word about using 100% pure raspberry ketone. We also found that there were no additional ingredients that could potentially affect the quality of the formula either. The dosage is substantial and we appreciate that the manufacturer has put consumers first by offering affordable discounts on products that are covered by an impressive satisfaction guarantee. The bottom line is that we trust this brand because each claim has been backed up either by clinical data which can be found on the website or by users which have commented how effective this product has been in helping them achieve their weight loss goals.

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