Country Life Omega-3 Fish Oil Review - For Cognitive And Cardiovascular Support Omega 3 Updated October, 2020
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Overall Score 55%

Country Life Omega-3 Fish Oil Review

Omega-3  1000 mg Fish oil is one of the many Omega-3 supplements that are locally available in the market. This supplement too has its own claims to make in regard to how it works and the Omega-3 benefits it confers to its users. Some of them are listed below:

  • Supports joint health, comfort and mobility;
  • May improve bone mineral density;
  • May enhance cognitive function in young and elderly adults;
  • Supports a normal heart rhythm; and
  • May promote healthy aging;

In regard to its packaging and marketing, this product employs the traditional norms, ways and tools that we are all familiar with. This means that you can find this particular product packaged in the usual packages/bottles and you can access it through the traditional channels of distribution either by walking into that drug store or outlet near you or by ordering for it online.


Below is a list of the ingredients of this supplement:

  • Fish Body Oils – 1000 mg
  • Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) – 180 mg
  • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) – 120 mg
  • Garlic Oil Concentrate – 0.1 mg

This product does not contain the following ingredients: Yeast, wheat, gluten, milk, salt, sugar, starch, preservatives or artificial color

Though Country life uses the best ingredients in this supplement, it however fails to meet the recommended specialist quantities of EPA and DHA.


The recommended Omega-3 dosage for this supplement is one softgel every day, with food.

Side Effects

So far there are no known adverse side effects associated with the usage of this product.


A bottle with 200 softgels costs $ 24.99, which is quite affordable given the fact that you only need to take one softgel daily. Discounts on this product are offered at the discretion of the vendors.


This product does not have a money- back guarantee and that means you too lack a fall-back to resort to in the event that it doesn’t perform as per expectation.

Conclusion Of Our Country Life Omega-3 Fish Oil Review

As we wind up, we can draw the following conclusions in regard to this product using the following basic product features:

  • Product safety-it passes the test of safety due to the absence of adverse side effects;
  • Efficacy-it does work but you will need to use it for many months.
  • Money-back guarantee-the product fails this test;
  • Long-term value for money-again on this matter, it fails the test because while you buy it for less, its protracted use dilutes the whole value of initial purchasing affordability;
  • Affordability-it is affordable at purchase level; and
  • Natural ingredients levels/quantities-it fails the test because in as much as it contains the right quality of ingredients, the quantities of EPA/DHA for instance are badly below par.
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