Kroeger Herb’s Candida Kit Review Yeast Infection Updated July, 2024
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Kroeger Herb’s Candida Kit Review

This is a review of Kroeger Herb’s Candida Kit. This is a product that claims to control the Candida yeast growing in the intestinal tracts. It also works as maintenance for the proper balance of flora. The product is a kit which means it has more than one formula to take — it actually has three formulas. It comes in bottles and is packaged in a carton which looks very simple in a pale yellow color.

This product may help with yeast infections. A yeast infection, also known as Candida, can cause many symptoms and/or health issues. Candida is a group of microorganisms that live in your mouth and intestine. When out of control, many people suffer from constant exhaustion and fatigue, brain fog or loss of memory. Some people also experience carbohydrate and sugar cravings. Even more will suffer from recurring vaginal infections or jock itch, athlete’s foot, itchy skin, bloating after eating or other digestive disorders.

We conducted some independent research. However, there was very limited information available online. Read on to learn more.


This is an all natural supplement, not a medication. This product is sold as a kit.  Each formula contains different ingredients as listed below.

  • Formula 1— This formula is made up of yellow dock, red clover, and condurango bark. This formula maintains digestive and vaginal flora.
  • Formula 2 —This formula is made from tansy, milkweed and cramp.


Dosage instructions were not available to review online at this time.

Side Effects

Since the product contains all natural products, no side effects can be expected. Some users may experience mild stomach discomfort. However, if you do experience an allergic reaction to any ingredients you should consult your doctor.


Pricing information was not available to review online at this time.  No information about coupons, promotions or discounts was available.


No guarantee information was available to review online at this time. Consumers want to feel confident in trying out a new product.  It is disappointing that this product does not offer the security of a money back guarantee. Many comparable products offer guarantees.

Conclusion – Kroeger Herb’s Candida Kit Review

With claims of a powerful formula and a potent robotic blend, this supplement may be a great solution for those who are seeking out natural alternatives for the treatment of yeast infections. This product may be a lot more powerful than the usual creams that are prescribed because it works from the inside. We are disappointed by the lack of information available at this time and for that reason alone cannot recommend this product.

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