Planetary Herbals Holy Basil Extract Review - For Improved Overall Health Holy Basil Updated August, 2022
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Planetary Herbals Holy Basil Extract Review

Planetary Herbals Holy Basil Extract is an herbal supplement that aims to help you fight stress. Its bottle says that these capsules ‘Promotes Centered Calmness’. The company’s web site also states that its Holy Basil Extract will have a positive effect on your mental well-being.

Holy Basil has long been used as an herbal treatment for various ailments. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is actually considered a sacred plant because of its numerous health benefits. More recently, clinical research has also shown that Holy Basil is indeed effective at fighting off symptoms of stress such as lack of sleep, exhaustion, memory loss and lowered libido.

So let’s take a look at Planetary Herbals Holy Basil Extract and see if it can really live up to its claimed health benefits.


A good way to tell a good supplement from a bad one is by taking a closer look at the back of the bottle. It will usually tell you what kind of ingredients the supplement contains and how potent they are.

Each Planetary Herbs Holy Basil Extract vegetable capsule contains:

  • 450mg Holy Basil leaf extract
  • Gelatin
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Magnesium stearate

We see that it contains a healthy amount of Holy Basil leaf extract at 450mg, but it does not indicate that its active ingredients have been standardized to a known percentage. It also contains Magnesium stearate which is really just unnecessary filler and offers no health benefits.


According to the Planetary Herbs website, you should only take one Holy Basil Extract capsule per day.

Side Effects

Holy Basil is considered absolutely safe. Planetary Herbs does advice pregnant and nursing women to check with a doctor first before trying out the supplement. But this is quite standard for any supplement or medication.


A bottle of 60 capsules will cost you $12.25 while a 120-bottle capsule costs $22.50. The smaller bottle’s price is pretty average, and there’s not much of a discount for the larger bottle. A small 60-bottle capsule should last up to two months, which makes it a better value.


The Planetary Herbals website says that they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. But no details can be found about it. It only says that you have to deal directly with the retailer if you need to make a return.

Conclusion Of Our Planetary Herbals Holy Basil Extract Review

Planetary Herbals has a decent amount of Holy Basil extract per capsule and its price is quite average. Following its recommended dose of 1 capsule a day, a bottle of Holy Basil supplements should last you up to two months.

The bad thing is, you don’t really get any assurance from the manufacturer that it will actually work. There is no information about how much Ursolic acid its Holy Basil Leaf extract has been standardized to. So we can’t tell how much of the important active ingredients each capsule actually contains.

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