EmuaidMAX Review - For Combating Fungal Infections Nail Fungus Updated September, 2023
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Overall Score 68%

EmuaidMAX Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This EmuaidMAX review examines this health care product in more detail: This product is claimed to be quick-acting, delivering notable changes within 24 hours. The product offers topical, symptomatic relief of skin conditions such as shingles, hemorrhoids, eczema, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, nail fungus infections, warts, rashes caused by poison ivy and poison oak, cold sores, amongst other resistant skin conditions. The product is claimed to reduce pain and infection, as well as inflammation. The product is said to reduce scarring, while supporting the restoring of new healthy skin cells, repairing the skin.


The ingredients found the formula of this product are the following:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Argentum metallicum (colloidal silver – active ingredient)
  • Bacillus ferment
  • Vitamin E
  • Castor oil
  • Olea europaea fruit oil
  • Emu oil
  • L-lysine-HCL
  • Phytosphingosine
  • Ceramide 3

These ingredients offer a wide array of healing properties. They kill bacteria and fungal infections, while oxygen boosters increase blood flow to the affected areas. This speeds up the healing process, renewing the nail and skin cells, and minimizing future infections.


Nails must first be cleaned and filed. Long-handled nail clippers may be used if the nails have hardened owing to the fungal infection. Wash or shower to remove all the infected debris. Smear the product on the infected area with a cotton bud or ball. Do not touch the infected area with bare fingers. The product should be applied twice daily (morning and night). If the infection is severe, the product may be applied four times daily. Shoes, socks, and sheets should also be treated to eliminate residual fungus which could cause reinfection.


A 0.5-ounce bottle of EmuaidMAX is available on the manufacturer’s website at $25.00. A 2-ounce bottle costs $58.00. No package deals with discounts are provided by the manufacturer.


The manufacturer of this product offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Dissatisfied buyers may return the product for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

EmuaidMAX Review – The Bottom Line

EmuaidMAX appears a promising health care product for treating problems such as nail-fungus infections. This treatment is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee which removes the risk of purchase.  Instructions for optimal results are clear. There are, however, certain concerns with this anti-fungal product. Firstly, the company that makes this product does not offer any package deals with discounts, which would have made this product more economical in the long run. Secondly, the formula itself lacks a well-known and effective ingredient, namely, undecylenic acid (25%). This element has been found in clinical studies to optimally treat fungal infections. Therefore, with so many other, similar products on the market, incorporating better quality ingredients and at better prices, another product may deliver more successful results. As such, even though there are some good aspects, there are also a lot of negatives to this product, which a buyer should seriously consider.

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