Research Verified Insomnia Relief Review - For Restlessness and Insomnia Insomnia Updated May, 2024
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Research Verified Insomnia Relief Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Not getting a good night’s sleep can affect your functioning during the day. Not getting enough sleep for days on end can really affect your functioning and quality of life. There are many products on the market today that claim to help you fall asleep easily and stay asleep. However, these products are worthless if they are not following the research for what makes an effective product. This review takes a look at one product we came across that does follow the research, Research Verified Insomnia Relief. This supplement is formulated according to science and clinical data to make sure you are getting an effective product for dealing with insomnia. It contains only clinically proven ingredients that will relax the mind and body and also manage our circadian rhythms.


L-ornithine is an amino acid that is clinically proven to be effective for insomnia. It is useful for relieving stress and improving sleep quality. Valerian root is believed to have sedative properties that relax the mind and body. Chamomile has long since been known to be a calming agent. Passionflower has been used traditionally for its sedative properties and it is well-known for managing anxiety and insomnia. Hops has been used in traditional medicine for dealing with symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. Melatonin is a natural hormone that regulates our sleep-wake cycle. Research shows that melatonin improves sleep quality. Read more Research Verified reviews to learn how this manufacturer has done their research in developing products.


It is recommended to take two to four capsules every night, one hour before going to bed.


You can buy Research Verified Insomnia Relief online through both the manufacturer and through Amazon. One bottle contains 60 capsules and will cost you $48, which is marked down from the original price of $69.95. The manufacturer also offers bulk packages so you can buy according to your needs. You can buy three bottles for a total cost of $98 and six bottles for a total cost of $142.

Possible Side Effects

These ingredients are all natural and should not cause any side effects. However, as the product is designed to help you sleep, it may make you feel drowsy after taking it, so it is not recommended to do activities that require you to be alert.


This manufacturer offers one of the best guarantees in the market. If you are not happy with your purchase, you have a full year to return it to get a refund. This applies to both opened and closed bottles.

Research Verified Insomnia Relief – The Bottom Line

All in all, this seems to be an excellent product to try out. It is based on clinical data for what will actually help you to fall asleep and stay asleep. It also follows quality guidelines of being manufactured in an FDA registered lab that is also cGMP certified. This product is also third-party tested to ensure you are getting a quality product with no contaminants which could negatively affect the results. The 365-day money-back guarantee is an added bonus to what already seems to be a top-quality product.

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