Funginix Review - For Combating Fungal Infections Nail Fungus Updated May, 2024
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Overall Score 79%

Funginix Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This treatment for nail fungus is formulated using a combination of both traditional and herbal medicines, giving you the best of both. This combination creates a creamy textured product that is said to be easily absorbed and has apparently proven to be effective in its claims to treat nail fungus.  Funginix claims to start working within two weeks of use, treating all symptoms of fungus. This product also claims not to worsen any affected areas during use, but again, other products also have the same effect. In this review of Funginix, we will look at all the facts to see if this product lives up to its claims.


Tea tree oil is used in this product to penetrate the nail. Undecylenic acid is known to inhibit the growth of fungus in nails and skin.


It is suggested to clean the affected areas before application, it is then advised to apply the product once in the morning before you put socks and/or shoes on and then again once in the evenings. It’s also recommended to use the brush applicator to work the product deep under the nail bed and to assist this process by using a cotton swab or even your finger for best results. Research shows that this it is beneficial to apply this product throughout the day, however, this will result in the product lasting less than the recommended time. According to research, other products have proven to be effective through a far more simple process.


This product can be purchased online at the cost of $49.95 for one bottle. They also have other deals such as three bottles listed at $99.95, giving you one bottle free, also a five-month supply costing you $139.95.


Funginix seems to have good customer reviews and the manufacturer claims to refund any purchase within 60 days if you are not completely happy with their product.

Funginix Review – The Bottom Line

The product seems to have no side effects and is suitable for anyone suffering from nail fungus, although you will have to use this product very often to start seeing any results, possibly costing you more due to excessive use. Other products available have proven to be more effective in less time through a simpler process. Funginix claims to treat nail fungus through multiple uses of their product and also state that it should not worsen the problem, whereas other similar products have proven to actually treat the issue. This product has proven to be safe for pregnant and nursing woman and also those with medical conditions, however, there are other products available that promise better results.

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