Research Verified Brand Review Brand Reviews Updated February, 2023

Research Verified Review – Are they any good?


And the Oscar. (1) for best supplement manufacturer goes to… drum roll suspense….. Applause, clapping and loud cheers!


What a great thought. An awards ceremony specifically tailored for the nutritional supplement industry.


The very idea of an award ceremony that generates some kind of standards and of course, competition can only be a good thing because ultimately, it leads to a better quality end result which is great for all of us.


Standards and regulations are especially important in the industry of nutritional health supplements, where many manufacturers cut corners to make a fast buck.


Everywhere we look we can see information about many different nutritional supplements and the amazing things that they can do for us. Unfortunately, the average consumer is not aware that there is a growing body of evidence that highlights that most supplements do not even meet the label claims. (2)


The need for stricter regulations and monitoring has never been so important.


Now, if we were to pick an Oscar winner for Best Supplement Maker, we would choose Research Verified, hands down. Why? Read on…


An image of the Research Verified's company logo



The nutritional supplement industry’s equivalent of the Oscars perhaps could loosely be compared to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), a professional body that, among other things, oversees and regulates nutritional health products in the interests of the public health. They provide the basic starting point for under which companies should formulate and manufacture nutritional health products.  


Research Verified follows the strict guidelines laid down by the FDA. (3)

  • All their products are produced in an FDA registered lab.
  • Manufactured under the strict guidelines of the FDA’s regulation of current Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Research Verified does not use false claims and unsupported facts.
  • Complies with the US Pharmacopeia’s standards for quality and purity.



What’s more, Research Verified also chooses to check their products through a third party monitoring agency. Not all companies do this because it can be expensive and actually render shipments of products unfit. So, as a contender for good practice nominations, Research Verified could well sweep the board.


So, what other Oscar victories can they proudly claim as their own?

Red carpet


  • Best Director (AKA Best Company Business Practice)



Henry Ford once said “being responsible in business is not just the right thing to do, but the best thing to do. (4)


This can only happen if the top guys, directing the company are good guys.


What does it mean to direct? Defined as “to manage or regulate the business” or “be in charge of, supervise or oversee (an activity or process),”  then the directors at this company are doing a great job.(5) The very core of their business ethos is to “manufacture the highest quality nutritional supplements available on the market”.(6) They do this by:

  • Making sure that their formula contains key ingredients, that are going to get the results consumers expect
  • Sourcing the very best, pure ingredients available in the correct potency and strength.


“Knowledge is Power” (7)  and Research Verified thrives on knowing which ingredients are going to make a difference. They employ dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to create formulas that are at the top of market and leading the way, based on extensive substantive research and investigation. Each ingredient is backed by clinical research and is doctor approved.


They aren’t called Research Verified for no good reason!


  • Best Picture (AKA Best Company)

Perhaps the best critics are ‘us’, the consumer market. If you want to know how good something is (or how bad!) then ask someone who has used the products.


Research Verified offers a great range of different nutritional products. (8)  This in itself shows us something about these guys, they are serious. They are not some fly by night company trying to cash in on the latest trend. Quite the contrary. 


On a variety of different review sites, we found that many of their products actually come top of the list, with many being rated with Five Stars and with plenty of positive testimonials from happy customers. 


The critics are saying good things about these guys. For an example of what people are saying, see Research Verified CLA review.

Paparazzi taking pictures of an actress


  • Best Actor/Actress in a leading role (AKA Best ingredient in a leading role)


Each ingredient in the products of Research Verified are at the top of their league, no doubts. Just like Kate and Leonardo!


If you take a closer look at the products offered by Research Verified, it becomes very quickly apparent that the ingredients they include are not only well researched, but the standards and quality of them are second to none. They all comply with the US Pharmacopeia  standards for quality and purity.


Their formulas are designed to contain the most effective dosage delivered in the most effective potency to provide optimal benefit for the consumer.



Research Verified Forskolin – contains 100% coleus forskohlii standard to contain 20% root extract. (9)

Research Verified CLA – contains 85% conjugated linoleic acid, the highest potency available on the market. (10)

Research Verified Moringa Oleifera – 100% pure natural moringa extract for top health benefits. (11)



Best Actor/Actress in a supporting role (AKA Best ingredient in a supporting role)


It’s not just the leading ladies (or guys) who are the driving force in making things happen. Take a look at their side-kicks, they too are equally important, playing a key role in delivering huge benefits are Batman and Robin, Laurel and Hardy, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire – one without the other just won’t cut it.


Each, by themselves, are significant, but together, they are dynamite! It’s called chemistry! Naturally, this is also true of herbal ingredients. There are many ingredients that work more effectively when together. Research Verified formulate many of their products to include ingredients that enhance the effectiveness for optimal benefit or bioavailability.


After all, taking one capsule that contains all you need is much easier than taking a multitude of ingredients separately.



Research Verified Migraine Relief – key ingredients to relieve and prevent supported by a synergistic herbal blend. (12)

Research Verified Hair Growth – supported by added biotin boost for stopping hair loss and boost new growth. (13)

Research Verified Prostate Support – clinically proven herbal ingredients for optimal prostate support and nourishment to reduce inflammation and prevent symptoms from worsening.(14)



Costume Design (AKA Best Product Design)

Often, manufacturers think that the ‘louder’ they are and ‘bolder’ they are, the more they are noticed and the more products they will sell. And whilst this may be true, for some educated consumers, they know that this is actually a red flag to watch out for and these are the products to actually steer clear of.


When a product is good, they don’t need to shout so loud. Less is more.

Simple. Transparent. Effective and to the point. No flashy websites. No loud cringe worthy marketing slogans. No celebrity endorsements and fake promises. Just as the name suggests – products should be verified by research. Not just some powder in a pill with no backup to explain why it is there.


Our Final Say…..


When a company focuses so much attention on the research that goes into their products, you know that you are onto a good thing and that they are serious about people’s health.


Further confirmation of this commitment can be found when looking at their incredible guarantee. Consumers have 365-days to ascertain whether or not the product is working for them. And if they are not completely satisfied, then they can return all the bottles, even empty ones, for a full refund. This shows huge confidence in their products. This year-long guarantee is unsurpassed in the industry.


Even the highest echelons of the acting dynasties are not removed from the rules and regulations of what their chosen industry dictates, they too have a satisfaction guarantee policy to uphold. Follow the guidelines, provide what is expected of you and you will win. Fall outside the guidelines, you will lose your award. (15)


So, the next time, you go to the movies (supplement shopping), check the nominees (available products), note the name of the director (company ethos) and choose a movie (product) that is the most likely to get your the results you want – RESEARCH VERIFIED!


Watch out in the cinemas for the sequels Research Verified Returns, Research Verified With A Vengeance and Research Verified Returns Again!






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