Gold Source Labs Saffron Extract Review - For Weight Loss and Improved Moods Saffron Updated August, 2022
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Overall Score 64%

Gold Source Labs Saffron Extract Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Saffron Extract has a variety of health benefits including weight loss, mood enhancement, premenstrual syndrome relief and it may help with diseases and cancer.

We will be taking a look at Saffron Extract from Gold Source Labs to see if this is an effective product. Gold Source Labs claim that their Saffron Extract is a non-stimulating, highly concentrated extract that has been laboratory tested for purity and strength.


  • Saffron Extract Complex – 88.25 mg

Other Ingredients

  • Rice flour
  • vegetable cellulose
  • Silica

Saffron is a potent extract that is derived from the Crocus sativus plant. While the manufacturer does claim that this product is 100% Saffron, it appears to contain binding ingredients which are proven to compromise the quality and purity of the extract. The product may be ineffective as a result of this.


The recommended dosage is two capsules twice a day. The total daily intake of saffron is equivalent to 353 mg which is lower than standard 400 mg. The dosage may be inadequate for producing effective results.


Gold Source Labs Saffron Extract retails for $17.97 excluding shipping and can only be purchased through third-party distributors online. There is a three or more bottles discount available which costs $16.29 each with free shipping.


Fortunately, Gold Source Labs Saffron Extract offers a money back satisfaction guarantee. This may seem like a great deal, however, consumers should still be cautious as there is no clear information on their returns policy of how many days the guarantee is valid for and what condition the product must be returned in.

Gold Source Labs Saffron Extract Review – The Bottom Line

We have only found a few good reasons why Gold Source Labs Saffron Extract may be a potentially average product such as the informative website and pricing. We still have our concerns. The manufacturer claims that the product is a 100% Saffron Extract formula, however, the additional ingredients and binding agents are proven to affect the purity of saffron.In addition to this, the dosage is not high enough for the saffron to take effect and produce drastic results. The vague information on the manufacturer’s guarantee policy may cause some consumers to be misguided when returning the product and may not even qualify for the refund. Another red flag is the information on the recommended daily dosage, the manufacturer’s website states that two capsules should be taken twice a day whereas the Amazon page states that only one capsule is needed twice a day. Customers should be aware of this before deciding to purchase this product.  In conclusion, We do not recommend Gold Source Labs Saffron Extract and advise looking for alternatives that have a 100% pure Saffron extract, a higher dose, and provide clear information on the dosage and guarantee policy.

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