Mycota Powder & Cream Review - For Reducing Symptoms Associated With Athletes Foot Athlete's Foot Updated September, 2023
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Mycota Powder & Cream Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This is a review of Mycota Powder & Cream, an athlete’s foot solution that comes in 2 types of applications. The manufacturer claims that both these products will relieve the discomforting symptoms associated with athlete’s foot as well as prevent recurrences of this fungal infection. This review will help you decide if this product is worthy of your purchase as we examine everything from ingredients to customer support.


The active ingredients in both the foot powder and cream are undecylenic acid, a popular antifungal ingredient commonly used in many athletes foot products for its healing properties. The other active ingredient is zinc undecylenate, a substance that reduces swelling and skin irritation. The powder contains 2% undecylenic acid and 20% zinc undecylenate; while the cream has 5% undecylenic acid and 20% zinc undecylenate. In saying so, the cream has a higher concentration of active ingredients and is likely more effective as a sole solution than the powder. Both formulas are missing hydrating and nourishing ingredients to promote the penetration of the active ingredients as well as rapid recovery. Thus, these solutions may not offer total care as offered by competing products on the market. Furthermore, the other inactive ingredients included in the formula – such as liquid paraffin and perfume compounds – are concerning as they may aggravate the skin and cause allergic reactions. There is no mention if these products are all-natural, vegan-friendly, or produced in a GMP certified facility; quality and ethical practice may not have been a focus during manufacture.


Both products contain a substantially lower-than-average concentration of undecylenic acid, as the market standard is 25% to offer effective relief. Even when used together, as suggested by the manufacturer, these doses are still not high enough to provide effective relief of athlete’s foot – making this product pale in comparison to competing brands. To use these products in succession, start by washing and drying the affected area thoroughly. Then, apply the cream to the affected area. This application may be messier than with other products that offer an applicator brush and ointment. Once the cream is on, dust the area with the powder. This process should be completed twice a day and may become time-consuming.


Both the Mycota powder and cream can be purchased from third-party sites. For 70g per unit of powder, you can expect to pay $5,26. The 25g unit of foot cream retails for $3,67. There is no indication of additional discounts available or package offers. While these products may appear affordable, the low concentration of the active ingredient, as well as the addition of potentially harmful filler ingredients, may extend or complicate the healing time – costing you more in the long run.

Possible Side Effects

Zinc undecylenate, one of the key active ingredients, is known to aggravate skin irritations for those with sensitive skin. It may also trigger an allergic reaction that manifests in a rash, swelling, dizziness, and trouble breathing. If these side effects are experienced – seek medical attention immediately. As there is no information on the concentration of the additional ingredients per unit, we recommend performing a patch test.


There appears to be no manufacturer’s guarantee available. The lack of returns policy may showcase a lack of confidence in product efficacy, which is a concern. Furthermore, potential customers do not get the assurance that they are encouraged to test product efficacy for themselves without the risk of not receiving a refund. This lack of customer support is substantially lower than the market standard. We were able to find some customer reviews which stated that this product was ineffective and had a terrible stench.

Mycota Powder & Cream Review – The Bottom Line

Mycota Powder & Cream contain ingredients that have been known to be effective in supporting athletes foot. However, the dosage of undecylenic acid is substantially lower than the market average and likely impacts product efficacy. Furthermore, this product does not contain ingredients to hydrate skin and speed up healing. While the price may be affordable, it may indicate poor quality ingredients and processes used. This notion is further supported by a lack of GMP certification as well as manufacturer guarantee. In saying so, we do not recommend this product.

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