Remove Surgery Scars Compound Scar Cream Review - For Reducing The Appearance Of Scars Scar Removal Updated April, 2024
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Remove Surgery Scars Compound Scar Cream Review

Remove Surgery Scar’s Compound Scar Cream is a unique stand-alone product among its competitors for reduction of scars through smoothening, flattening and consequent fading of surgical scars, burn marks, injury scars etc. What makes this compound scar cream unique is that instead of a ‘one size fits all’ approach which most brands undertake, this company has decided to customize its products as per the requirements of each patient. Depending on the severity of scar, cause of scar and skin sensitivity, the company prepares a blend of the most effective ingredients with the help of healthcare professionals and pharmacists which can diminish scars to a great extent.

Some other advantages of going for this product are:

  • The cream is physician prescribed and insurance accepted.
  • The ingredients used are brand-neutral and not patented proprietary blends.
  • The customization is done through specialized procedure and equipment.
  • All the ingredients used are carefully weighed and measured.


Since the scar cream is customized as per each customer’s needs, there is no fixed formula for this product. However, the following are some of the ingredients which are used frequently:

  • PracaSilTM – This is a special silicone base which is used for the compounding of other active ingredients for treating scars and wounds.
  • Flucticasone Propinate USP Mircronized – This is a kind of corticosteroid which significantly reduces inflammation and redness around the scar.
  • Levocetririzine Dihydrochloride – Another essential ingredient which is popular because of its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Prilocaine or Lidocaine – These ingredients are used analgesics to reduce pain in case of a new scar.
  • Varapamil or Nifedipine – These are unique ingredients used as calcium channel blockers. They are used for treatment of certain specific scar conditions only.


Since the compound scar cream is custom made for each patient individually, the dosage may also vary from person to person. However, generally, it is prescribed that the cream be applied at least twice a day.

Side Effects

There are no common side effects of this cream which is not surprising since the ingredients used in each compound cream are chosen with the utmost caution to suit the skin type and scar type of the customer. Even if by some rare chance some side effect of the cream manifests itself, the formula can easily be altered to remove that side effect.

As with most scar removal products, for this cream too, long term results are almost guaranteed as long as proper dosage is taken for at least 5-6 weeks. The cream is quite effective in diminishing or flattening out scars and once diminished, the scar does not come back even if the customer stops using this cream.


There is no fixed price for this cream. In fact, the company does not take cash payment from the customers at all. Rather, the payment is made through insurance acceptance. They have listed a number of insurance plans which they accept including American Health Care, Express Scripts, GEHA, Health Net etc.


A big disadvantage of opting for this product is that the manufacturer does not give any refund guarantee. However, the customer does have the option of cancelling his order before it is shipped.

Conclusion Of Our Remove Surgery Scars Compound Scar Cream Review

The Compound Scar Cream seems like a product worth trying solely because it has a unique feature of compounding ingredients which are customized according to the scar type. However, the absence of money back guarantee is a big con.

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