DSE Healthcare Solutions Urinozinc Pro-Flo Review - For Increased Prostate Support Prostate Updated November, 2022
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 61%

DSE Healthcare Solutions Urinozinc Pro-Flo Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Research has found that men’s prostate health starts to decline from the age of 50 with over 50% of men having an enlarged prostate and therefore lacking the ability to urinate properly. Claiming to be recommended by urologists, DSE Healthcare Solutions created Urinozinc Pro-Flo as a prostate health formula that will decrease the frequency of restroom trips and will also improve the function of the bladder. In this review of Urinozinc we will examine these claims and review whether this is the dietary supplement for you.


  • Vitamin E, 100IU
  • Vitamin B-6, 8mg
  • Folic Acid, 133mcg
  • Vitamin B-12, 17mcg
  • Calcium, 70mg
  • Magnesium, 40mg
  • Zinc, 9.4mg
  • Selenium, 63 mcg
  • Pumpkin Seed, 200mg
  • Saw Palmetto extract, 166 mg
  • Free Fatty acids, 74mg
  • Pygeum Africanum Extract (bark), 100mg
  • Lycopene 1%, 10mg
  • Other ingredients include: Gelatin, Silica, microcrystalline cellulose and magnesium stearate.

Overall, this formula is more on par with the types of ingredients usually found in supplements for the prostate. The main issues that we found when researching Urinozinc is that while it is claiming to be recommended by urologists, we have yet to find studies that attest to their list of ingredients being the key to overall prostate health.


Adult males are instructed to take two caplets daily but consult a doctor before use if they are taking any medications. It is not intended for those under the age of 18.


At the time we researched this product it was available for purchase in a 60-caplet bottle for $9.99 on Amazon. The same bottle on the manufacturer’s website was priced at $18.00 and should you want to buy three bottles from the manufacturer the cost was $45.90 and included free shipping.

Possible Side Effects

We could not find any side effects in the usage of this supplement. However, there is no actual length of time listed for how long one should take this in order to see results.


We could not find specific information on the return policy for this item. This makes it difficult to ascertain whether a client can actually return the product for full refund, and why no information is listed. Does the manufacturer not believe in its product and offer a guarantee?

DSE Healthcare Solutions Urinozinc Pro-Flo Review – The Bottom Line

Urinozinc Pro-Flo by DSE Healthcare Solutions is one of the prostate formulas with the most comprehensive set of ingredients. With its combination of mineral and vitamins that are usually found in healthy prostate supplements, we would agree that they are up there. However, the lack of research on which to base their claims and the lack of information on length of time one should take this product to see results, leave something to be desired. Moreover, there is no information on a guarantee policy which leads us to believe that there might not be a way to obtain a refund for the item if it does not work. If that’s the case, we would suggest that users find a product with similar ingredients but better terms and customer service.

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