OmegaVia Fish Oil Review - For Cognitive And Cardiovascular Support Omega 3 Updated May, 2022
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OmegaVia Fish Oil Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

While researching this OmegaVia Fish Oil review, we found that it is advertised as being a great way to get Omega-3 fatty acids at a much higher concentration than standard fish oil supplements. But we had to ask ourselves: Is it really worth it? The manufacturer also claims this product is produced with enteric-coating to reduce the odor (sometimes unpleasant) that often comes with Omega-3 supplements. Read on for all the details below.


“Pharmaceutical Grade” Omega-3 – 1,300mg

The Omega-3 is perhaps the only active ingredient in this product and it comes from fish oil, namely sardine, anchovy and mackerel. The natural sunflower tocopherols are akin to vitamin E, and may provide some of that vitamin’s benefits although its main function is as a preservative. The plant-derived food glaze is to decrease the chance that you’ll experience the dreaded “fish burps” that often accompany a supplement of this nature. The vegetable glycerin and the gelatin are inert and make up the capsule.


When taking OmegaVia Fish Oil, the dosage depends on whether you are taking it for a specific health problem or not. If you are healthy, and just taking it as a supplement, you should take one softgel per day. If you are worried about your triglycerides, you should take three to four softgel capsules per day. For heart health, take two per day. For joint health, take two to four per day. For mood health, take two per day. However, you should not exceed the maximum amount of four capsules per day.


At the time of writing, the price of one bottle of 60 softgels cost on average $34.69. However, there are a variety of ways that you can save. One way is to subscribe to this product, where it is delivered on a regular basis. This will cost you $26.89, which is a savings of 22.49%. If you prefer to buy in bulk, that is possible, as well. Two bottles of OmegaVia Fish Oil cost $29.89 each, while three bottles or more will cost $28.29 each. No matter which option you choose, shipping and handling are included.

Possible Side Effects

The only side effect listed for this product is an occasional case of “fishy burps”, which can happen if the coating has worn off. However, if you are on aspirin or other blood thinners, you should consult a physician before using any Omega-3 products or supplements.


There is a 100% money-back guarantee available with this product. If you are unhappy with it you can return the product within 90 days and receive a full refund. Even the return shipping is free for those within the United States.

OmegaVia Fish Oil Review – The Bottom Line

This OmegaVia Fish Oil review has shown both good sides and bad. The good is that the company does have a strong guarantee behind its product, generally positive Amazon customer ratings, as well as some bulk discounts. However, the single-bottle price is not particularly cheap.

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