MediNatura BHI Hemorrhoid Relief Review - For Relief From Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids Updated December, 2021
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MediNatura BHI Hemorrhoid Relief Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

BHI Hemorrhoid Relief by MediNatura proposes a fast and easy relief to the swelling that comes with hemorrhoids. With their homeopathic formula, they promise to liberate users from the burning, itching, and inflammation of the rectal veins. In this review of BHI Hemorrhoid Relief, we will explore all the statements and information found regarding its use to provide you with the best evaluation for whether or not you will find the relief craved.


The serving size on the label is for 3 tablets and they include:

  • Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) – 8,000 IU
  • Vitamin K (K1, K2) – 40 mcg
  • Vitamin B12 – 9mcg
  • Iron – 5mg
  • Magnesium – 15mg
  • Manganese – 0.2mg
  • Sodium – 50mg
  • Hawaiian Spirulina  – 3g
  • Phycocyanin – 225mg
  • Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) – 32mg
  • Chlorophyll a – 21mg
  • Total Carotenoids – 12mg
  • Zeaxanthin – 2.5mg

What is interesting is that unlike most hemorrhoid creams, it contains no witch hazel or horse chestnut, which are usually key ingredients for anti-inflammation. Hawaiian Spirulina, while great sources of vitamins (most of which are already listed above), does not help with burning and itching.


Adults should take a tablet every ½ hour to 1 hour until symptoms dissipate and then continue as per the standard dosage of 3 tablets a day, every 4-6 hours. Tablets should dissolve in the month and not be swallowed.

Unlike many treatments of this kind which also offer a cream to help provide relief, this is only a tablet and one that should dissolve in the mouth rather than be chewed or swallowed.


Amazon sells MediNatura’s product for $9.87 for 100 tablets. It is the cheapest available as both Vitacost and CVS retail for more than $10.00.

Possible Side Effects

No known side effects are listed and most of the product contains vitamins that are considered homeopathic. Further information is needed in order to decide whether this product can be taken long term. Children under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take before consulting with a doctor. Moreover, if symptoms do not improve within 7 days (or condition worsens), a medical professional should also be contacted.


The refund policy is as per the website or company’s policy. Amazon has an easy return policy but those users should check directly the website where they are making a purchase in order to fully comprehend the refund policy. The user reviews for this product are very mixed, with a high number of negative reviews, as well as positive reviews.

MediNatura BHI Hemorrhoid Relief Review – The Bottom Line

MediNatura’s BHI Hemorrhoid Relief provides a therapeutic option for relief of the many symptoms of itching, swelling, and irritation that come with hemorrhoids. Although they have standard ingredients that provide much of the daily vitamins, we were not sure how they could help with inflammation if key ingredients such as witch hazel or horse chestnut were nowhere to be found. Reviews are split with some suggesting it does not help, that taking it every ½ hour to an hour is excessive and that the price is not worth it. All we can say is due to the lack of proper ingredients and lack of website providing all necessary information, we would suggest looking out there for products that are more efficient in the care that you need.

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