Zuma Labs Chloromint Review - For Bad Breath And Body Odor Bad Breath & Body Odor Updated January, 2022
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Zuma Labs Chloromint Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Zuma Labs Chloromint is a product designed to eliminate the signs and symptoms of body odor. The idea behind this product is that it eliminates the sources of the odor inside the body. This review assesses the effectiveness of this product as a supplement to reduce body odor by looking at various aspects of it like its formula and price.


We could not find what the supplement contains because the manufacturer does not specify and there isn’t much information about it elsewhere. Judging from its name though we would say that it contains chlorophyllin. There is just no way to tell how much is in each capsule.

Chlorophyllin works by binding to the volatile substances that cause body odor when they are released from the sweat glands. Chlorophyllin binds to them internally so that they cannot be released and then they don’t cause body odor or bad breath. The volatile substances are rather excreted through the intestine so they do not remain in the body either.

We believe that this product is missing a few key ingredients because although it tackles one aspect of the cause of body odor it does not address some of the others. Body odor and bad breath may be caused by excessive stress so this product should also have an ingredient that reduces it. Body odor might also be caused by a bacterial imbalance so perhaps probiotic bacteria or antimicrobial substances could be of benefit here as well.


The manufacturer does not provide any information on how to take the product either. It is not a good indication  that the manufacturer does not provide this sort of information out front because it leads us to wonder why they are not being transparent.


60 capsules of can be purchased online for the price of $18.95. This price does not include shipping or taxes. Therealso does not appear to be any sort of discount for buying multiple units of this product at once.

Possible Side Effects

There are some reports of diarrhea associated with using chlorophyllin orally. It can also cause a green discoloration of body fluids. It might also change the color of the user’s tongue slightly. Apart from these there are no major health issues associated with taking chlorophyllin but pregnant women should avoid using this as there is not enough data to support its effects on  a growing fetus.


If the customer is unsatisfied with their results for any reason then they may return the product within 60 days for a full refund. The customer need only contact the manufacturer, whose details can found on their website. This guarantee is of course limited to one use per customer.

Zuma Labs Chloromint Review – The Bottom Line

We appreciate the manufacturer’s idea of using well scientifically researched  ingredients and we do acknowledge that the price is very affordable. We are concerned that this manufacturer does not share information openly because it leads us to believe that they may be untrustworthy. If you cannot trust a manufacturer, then it is difficult to trust their product.

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