Forces of Nature Nail Fungus Control Review - For Combating Fungal Infections Nail Fungus Updated May, 2024
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Forces of Nature Nail Fungus Control Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Nail Fungus Control from Forces of Nature is a homeopathic remedy for the treatment of fungal infections on the finger and toe nails. The company promises that this is an all natural approach to the treatment of fungal infections without the use of harsh chemicals.

We all know how awful our nails can look at times. And sometimes they even smell bad. This is usually caused by a fungus. But many, if not most products on the market for the treatment of these problems contain all sorts of chemicals which can be harmful to your body. This is a review of the effectiveness of Nail Fungus Control which is a homeopathic alternative for cleaning up your toenails and fingernails.

Homeopathy is defined as the treatment of illnesses and other medical conditions with the use of minute doses of natural substances which in a healthy person may produce symptoms of the disease.

Forces of Nature boasts that its organic product eliminates even the most persistent fungi, that its¬† “deep-penetrating” formula clears infections thoroughly at their source and that Nail Fungus Control promotes regeneration for strong, healthy nails.

The company also asserts that its Lipophilic formula heals infections both within and beneath the nail, healing underlying tissue to protect new growth of healthy nails.

Natural Fungus Control promises to eliminate nail fungus in and under the nail, heals safely without damaging the skin and has no pain or harsh side effects.


Forces of Nature declares that it uses only ingredients sourced directly from the farm which are organic and therapeutic grade plant-based medicines.

Active Ingredients:

    • Silicea* 6X (common name: Silica) Treats Nail Fungus Symptoms
  • Calendula Officinalis* 6X (common name: Marigold) Promotes Healthy Skin and Healing

Inactive Ingredients:

  • Eugenia Caryophyllata Oil (common name: Clove Oil)
  • Pelargonium Graveolens Oil (common name: Rose Geranium Oil)
  • Cymbopogon Citratus Oil (common name: Lemon Grass Oil)
  • Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil (common name: Tea Tree Oil)
  • Sesamum Indicum Oil (common name: Sesame Oil)


Wash and thoroughly dry the affected area and then apply 1-2 drops and gently rub into affected area 3 times per day. Wash hands afterwards.


Nail Fungus Control Regular Strength –
Nail Fungus Control Regular Strength –
Nail Fungus Control Regular Strength –

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Forces of Natures promises a one year money Back Guarantee saying, “If you don’t heal, we don’t deserve to get paid. Period.”

Forces of Nature Nail Fungus Control Review – The Bottom Line

So the good news about it is obviously that the product offers an all natural solution to fungal infections of the nails. The company is also so sure that its product works that it offers a money back guarantee.

But it is not clear from the website how long it takes for Nail Fungus Control to take effect. It is also not clear how long the treatment will last or if you need to keep on using it. If so then it will get a bit pricey. There are also few customer reviews to be found on line.

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