Treximet Sumatriptan/Naproxen Sodium Review - For Symptomatic Relief From Migraines Migraines Updated June, 2024
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Treximet Sumatriptan/Naproxen Sodium Review

Manufacturer’s Claims

This review examines Treximet Sumatriptan/Naproxen Sodium which is a prescription-only drug by Pernix Therapeutics to provide fast and lasting relief from migraines.

As per manufacturer description, Treximet is intended to treat existing migraines or severe, intense headaches but does not purport to lessen the number of migraines a sufferer may have. It should not be used to treat cluster headaches (headaches that cause pain around the eyes)  or headaches that cause patients not to be able to utilize one side of their body. It should never be used by persons under 12.

The prescription-only drug Treximet Sumatriptan/Naproxen Sodium has been pharmaceutically manufactured as a fast-uptake, high power treatment for dulling or eliminating the effect of existing migraines or severe intensity headaches. The manufacturer lauds Treximet as being more powerful and effective than other drug remedies. It touts Treximet as providing longer, more permanent abatement from migraines as well.

You can only get this drug from a doctor. Disclose any information which may affect your ability to take this drug to your doctor if he or she is not already aware of this information.


The pharmaceutical composition comprises the following two active ingredients:

  • Sumatriptan – 85 mg
  • Naproxen sodium – 500 mg

Sumatriptan is a triptan that is commonly used to treat migraines and induce cessation of the migraine. Naproxen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that relieves swelling, stiffness and pain.

Together, the action of these two synthetic components could plausibly provide acute pain relief although as noted by the manufacturer, it is not suitable to use Treximet as a migraine-preventive measure. It is a last-resort category drug that must be approved by a doctor because of its potentially life-threatening side effects.


As per doctor’s prescription – 1 adult strength tablet once the onset of an authentic migraine has been established, and a maximum of 2 tablets in a 24-hour period. It is mandatory for 2 hours to elapse between taking tables. Young individuals 12 to 17 years should follow the doctor’s prescription of 1 lower strength tablet, with not more than 1 tablet being taken in a 24-hour period. Do not take for more than 4 days in a row.


It is fair to say that Treximet is expensive and in the elite upper quadrant price range for migraine drugs. It is not available for purchase online. Treximet can only be bought from a pharmacy, with the average retail price being upward of $750 for 9 pills. Individuals who are not medically insured will find the cost prohibitive.

Treximet drug coupons and discounts are sometimes available which could significantly reduce the out-of-pocket cost of this drug.

Possible Side Effects

The most common side effects – both actually reported and acknowledged by the manufacturer – are: dizziness,  feeling weak, drowsy, or tired; pain, discomfort, or stiffness in the neck, throat, jaw, or chest; nausea; tingling or numbness in the fingers or toes;  heartburn; mouth dryness; feeling hot; muscle stiffness or tightness and accelerated or irregular heartbeat.

As per the manufacturer’s warning, the following serious side effects could manifest:

  • Changes in color or sensation in your fingers and toes (Raynaud’s syndrome)
  • Heart failure from body swelling (fluid retention)
  • Kidney problems including kidney failure
  • Low red blood cells (anemia)
  • Liver problems including liver failure
  • Asthma attacks in people who have asthma
  • Stomach and intestinal problems
  • Fever
  • Problems with blood circulation to your legs and feet


No money-back or other guarantees were found. This is common with prescription medication.

Treximet Sumatriptan/Naproxen Sodium Review – The Bottom Line

Treximet appears to be a potent formulation against migraines and receives good reviews. Sufferers report pain alleviation within 1 or 2 hours.

However, consumers also frequently admit to experiencing uncomfortable side effects, such as the most common side effects discussed above. Cost is also a huge issue for consumers, with many finding their out-of-pocket costs after medical aid subsidies for the drug had tripled over a few years.

The biggest drawback about Treximet is that it is a high-risk drug, with potentially fatal side effects. The manufacturer does not seek to hide this and, in fact, places emphasis on this consideration. As such, individuals should only resort to Treximet as a last resort. Make sure you are not in a health category prohibiting you from taking the drug. If your doctor prescribes Treximet as a first-option drug, it is safest to ask your doctor for other options and to return to Treximet as a final action should no other drugs prove efficient.

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