Symphony Natural Health Femmenessence MacaPause Review - For Relief From Menopause Menopause Updated October, 2022
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 68%

Symphony Natural Health Femmenessence MacaPause Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

The following is our comprehensive review of Symphony Natural Health Femmenessence MacaPause. The manufacturer claims that this is herbal product will reduce the symptoms of menopause and create hormone balance. This product also claims to assist with bone density, cardiovascular health, better sleep and sexual health.


Potassium assists with body functions such as transmissions of the nerves, muscle contractions, and fluid balance. Maca-Go may assist with increasing energy levels and stamina and also memory, it may also help women with hormonal balance and menopause symptoms and may also help with weak bones and depression.


Take two capsules in the morning and another two capsules in the afternoon. The dosage instruction do not specify if you need to take the capsules with food.


You can purchase this supplement directly from the manufacturer’s website for $34.99. This buys you 120 vegetarian-friendly capsules which is a 30 day supply. There is a first time customer bulk buying discount available where you can purchase four bottles for a discounted price of $104.97.

Possible Side Effects

Do not use this product if you are pregnant, nursing or if you are using any other hormone suppressing medications. Other possible side effects include headaches, diarrhea, bloating and sleep disturbances. Most of these symptoms can be lessened  with a lower dosage or may diminish after time.


The manufacturer offers a 60 day money back guarantee from purchase date. It is unclear if opened bottles of capsules are accepted.

Symphony Natural Health Femmenessence MacaPause Review – The Bottom Line

Things that we liked about this supplement include the fact that there is a longer than average guarantee of 60 days from purchase date. This supplement is organic,  kosher certified, vegan, contains no chemicals, gluten, soy, dairy, preservatives or additives and is concentrated and standardized. It contains ingredients that can be helpful to assist with increasing energy levels, stamina and also memory, hormonal balance, menopause symptoms, weak bones and depression. There is a bulk buying discount where you can buy four bottles for a discounted price of $104.97 for first-time customers. Less encouraging elements are that it is unclear if opened bottles of capsules are accepted. In terms of dosage, the dosage instructions do not specify if you need to take the capsules with food. Pricewise, this is not a cheap product to buy since it costs $34.99 for a 30 day supply of capsules. The guarantee does not include the option to return opened bottles of capsules. For the above reasons, we would not recommend this supplement and suggest that you seek out one with a better pricing model, and an option that allows the return of opened bottles.

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