NonyX Nail Gel Review - For Combating Nail Fungal Infections Nail Fungus Updated November, 2022
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Overall Score 63%

NonyX Nail Gel Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Nonyx Fungal Nail Clarifying Gel is a product that is designed to remove the keratin buildup on nails, ensuring that nails become healthier than ever. By doing this, it will be limiting what nail fungus can eat, so that it essentially starves; this ensures that you’ll have healthy nails. This NonyX Nail Gel review will show whether this product is worth your time and money.


The first ingredient used in NonyX Nail Gel is Ethanoic Acid. This is a product that is similar to vinegar and has been shown to remove keratin debris on the nails which cause them to become yellow. The remaining ingredients, which include xanthan gum, fragrance, and deionized water are inert ingredients that don’t seem to add to the potency of the product. The xanthan gum is added to thicken the product. The fragrance is added to make it smell better, and the water is added as a sort of base.


The directions for this product are clearly explained on the manufacturer’s website. First, apply one to two drops of the gel twice a day to the discolored nails. Then, using the applicator tip, you should spread the gel over the surface of the nail. If possible, put a bit of additional gel beneath the nail. Then, allow to dry, especially before putting on footwear. If you want the best results, you should do this after a shower, bath, or swimming, and you should gently roughen the nail’s surface with an emery board once a week. After three to four weeks, you should begin to scrape softened keratin debris from beneath your nails; there is a tool included for this. Repeat this process weekly. You should continue this for at least six months for the best results.


A four-ounce bottle of NonyX Nail Gel costs $24.99 only. This four-ounce bottle is enough to last for the entire six months of treatment. If you order this product online, you are eligible to receive free shipping. There is a rebate that will save you $5, and there are various sales at different stores, such as Walmart and Rite Aid, where you can receive this product for cheaper.

Possible Side Effects

There are no side effects listed as being caused by NonyX Nail Gel, despite our extensive search. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t any; be cautious. You should make sure to not have this product come into contact with your eyes.


This product comes with a money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the product, all you have to do is send back the unused portion of the product, along with proof of purchase (such as a receipt), as well as a letter indicating that you are requesting a refund. This, however, is only valid in the United States. It is not indicated how long you have to request a refund.

NonyX Nail Gel Review – The Bottom Line

This NonyX Nail Gel Review certainly has a novel way of approaching nail fungus, and it’s one of the best qualities this product has. It is used to try and prevent the nail fungus in the first place by eliminating the keratin debris that the fungus feeds off to thrive. The money-back guarantee is another great part. However, this product seems to take a very long time to work. The guarantee is also not clear with how long you have to return the product. We believe there are better products on the market that come with more information and work faster to eliminate fungus.

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