IT Cosmetics Confidence In An Eye Cream Review - For Under Eye Bag And Wrinkles Eye Cream Updated November, 2023
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Overall Score 70%

IT Cosmetics Confidence In An Eye Cream Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

In this review we will look at Confidence In An Eye Cream manufactured by IT Cosmetics. This product was developed by plastic surgeons and claims to help fight the appearance of aging around the eyes. It also claims to be perfect for sensitive skin and works by making the skin around your eyes look more alive and refreshed. It works by correcting the appearance of blemishes and pigmentation around the eyes, giving you a much younger appearance. If you want to find out more about this product and how it can benefit you, read the rest of this review below.


  • Shea butter
  • Coffee Extract
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Avocado Oil
  • Leucine
  • Arginine
  • Coconut Oil
  • Royal Jelly Extract
  • Citric Acid
  • Turmeric Root Extract
  • Glycerin

This product incorporates a very wide selection of ingredients that can all potentially benefit the condition of the skin around your eyes. Even though this product incorporates many ingredients we are not sure of all of them adds value to this product as many of them seem to be unnecessary additives. We also noticed that a lot of the ingredients are of a chemical origin which may prove to be harsh for extra sensitive skin. There is also no indication how many of the ingredients play an active role in improving the condition of the skin.


It is recommended that you apply this product every morning and night around the eyes to help hydrate tired eyes. It is advised that you apply this product with your fingers. It is not stated how much product should be applied with every application, which could lead to overuse or under-use of the product.


You can purchase this product directly from the manufacturer’s website for $38.00. If you sign up for auto-shipment then you can receive 10% with every purchase and free shipping. Unfortunately, this product does provide discount on bulk purchases, which means that loyal customers are not being rewarded financially.


When purchasing this product you have 30 days to file a return if you find that you are unhappy with the results. This gives very little time to test out the product and to see if it really works for your skin type. It is also not stated it what condition the product should be in to be eligible for a full refund.

IT Cosmetics Confidence In An Eye Cream Review – The Bottom Line

We are impressed with the range of ingredients incorporated into this product and we are also feel that the price of this product is fairly affordable, especially if you sign up for automatic shipping. However, we feel that there is a lack of instructions when it comes to the amount of product to be used with every application. We also feel that this product does not come with a decent guarantee policy compared to similar products currently on the market. Seeing as we do not know in which condition the product has to be in to qualify for a refund it might be difficult for new customers to take a chance and buy this product.

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