Canesten Clotrimazole Athlete's Foot Cream Review - For Symptoms Associated With Athletes Foot Athlete's Foot Updated July, 2024
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Overall Score 62%

Canesten Clotrimazole Athlete’s Foot Cream Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

In this review, we have assessed Canesten Clotrimazole Athlete’s Foot Cream. The following information provides an in-depth analysis of the product’s effectiveness and customer support to give you insight into whether this is the optimal remedy for athlete’s foot. The manufacturer of this product claims that it contains an effective antifungal agent that will provide quick relief from associated symptoms.


Clotrimazole (10mg/g) is the main ingredient used in this formula. Clotrimazole is known for its potential to combat symptoms associated with athlete’s foot. There are several Clotrimazole-based products that are argued to provide superior relief, however, the ingredient can cause unwanted side effects. There are safer formulas on the market that contain beneficial ingredients such as Undecylenic Acid. Undecylenic Acid is clinically proven to penetrate deep into the skin to target fungal infection and prevent the future onset of athlete’s foot. A formula that includes this ingredient, rather than Clotrimazole, may prove safer and more effective. We were also very concerned to note that this product is not supported by a cGMP certification. These certifications suggest that production adheres to quality and ethical practices and, the lack thereof, suggests that these may not have been a priority in the formulation of Canesten Clotrimazole Athlete’s Foot Cream.


This product should be applied two (2) – three (3) times per day. The application should continue 2 weeks after symptoms have cleared. These instructions lack clarity and depth regarding things to consider when applying the product and how to ensure you receive the best results. This is a concern. The concentration of 10mg/g of Clotrimazole per application is the market standard for similar products. It is, therefore, neither too high nor low. That said, additional ingredients would increase the strength of the dosage and ensure optimal relief from athlete’s foot.


The manufacturer does not stock this product. It can be bought online from third-party sites. A 50g tube costs $8.15 USD from one retailer. This is a relatively affordable price, however, there are no bulk-buy deals to entice extended use. Prolonged use may become costly as a result.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer provides no warnings of potential side effects. This is a concern as the main ingredient, Clotrimazole, has been reported to induce itching, burning, and swelling. These negative side effects contradict the goal of this product and we recommend discontinuing use if they persist.


The manufacturer does not offer a clear guarantee for purchases of this product. This means that you cannot apply for a refund if the product does not work. This is very worrisome as it suggests that Canesten is not certain of product efficacy. Furthermore, we were unable to locate sufficient customer reviews. We, therefore, cannot vouch for the claims made by the manufacturer.

Canesten Clotrimazole Athlete’s Foot Cream Review – The Bottom Line

Canesten contains Clotrimazole, an ingredient found in similar products on the market. This ingredient works to remedy symptoms associated with athlete’s foot, however, may induce negative side effects. While the formula is correctly dosed, it lacks several essential ingredients found in competing products on the market. The lack of guarantee and sufficient customer reviews means that we cannot be sure of product efficacy. For these reasons, we suggest searching for a more proven athlete’s foot product.

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