Relief Factor Quickstart Review - For Healthier and Stronger Joints Joints Updated July, 2022
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Relief Factor Quickstart Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Relief Factor Quickstart aims to provide relief for those suffering from muscle pain due to inflammation. This is a dietary supplement that the manufacturer claims have 15 years’ worth of research behind it. It is designed to not only help reduce swelling in the muscles and joints, but also acts to strengthen joint health as well. It also claims to help improve the body’s natural ability to stop inflammation. This, in turn, makes the Relief Factor Quickstart a dual action supplement that targets both symptom and cause. The question is how effective this dietary supplement truly is. Read our full Relief Factor Quickstart review to learn more about this supplement.


  • Epimedium (Aerial) (Standardized to 20% Icarin) – 200 mg
  • Turmeric Phospholid (Standardized to 18% Curcuminoids) – 667 mg
  • Japanese Fleeceflower (Standardized to 96% Resveratrol) – 70 mg

Also contains 980 mg of total omega 3 fatty acids:

Relief Factor Quickstart contains a combination of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and omega-3 fatty acids that promote faster cell regeneration. This proprietary blend of key essential ingredients deliver not only relief from joint pain but also aims to strengthen muscle and joint health. The inclusion of essential omega-3 fatty acid helps elevate the Relief Factor Quickstart from other joint support supplements.


Dosage will vary depending on which part of the body is experiencing pain due to inflammation. The default recommended dosage for adults is 3 packets a day. If severe pain is experienced, then you can increase that to 4 packets per day. 2 -3 packets are best when used as maintenance. Packets should be taken in the morning, afternoon and evening. For best results, we suggest you consult with your doctor to know the appropriate daily dosage levels.


You can order the Relief Factor Quickstart 49 Pack through their official website. It is currently priced at $19.95. This contains 60 packets which equates to a full month’s worth of supply. There is no special discount for bulk purchase. Relief Factor Quickstart also uses an auto-shipping program. If you wish to discontinue the use of this product you should cancel your monthly subscription as well.

Possible Side Effects

The clinical studies have shown promise as Relief Factor Quickstart appears to cause no side effects. However, it is best to stay on the safe side and consult with your doctor first before taking this supplement. While natural ingredients can prevent side effects from developing, allergic reactions are another issue that must be taken into account.


While Relief Factor Quickstart does not offer any customer guarantee, they do offer returns and refunds. You can check their official website’s FAQ section to learn more about their return policy.

Relief Factor Quickstart Review – The Bottom Line

Relief Factor Quickstart contains all natural ingredients which should eliminate the risk of side effects. It also comes at a rather affordable price tag for one box of Relief Factor Quickstart. However, be aware that purchasing the product registers you to their monthly auto-shipping program which is slightly alarming. Without any special discounts, this means that the price will stack up in the long run. While it includes omega-3 fatty acids, it also lacks certain vitamins and minerals that would elevate the quality in terms of improving joint and muscle health. The lack of money back guarantee is also something to take into account.

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