Tinactin Antifungal Cream Review - For Combating Fungal Infections Ringworm Updated April, 2021
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Tinactin Antifungal Cream Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

Ringworm, athletes foot, and jock itch, otherwise known as tinea are superficial fungal infections caused by a fungus called dermatophytes which thrives in warm, moist conditions and is highly contagious. There are many treatments available for these infections, however, some do not have the right formula to effectively treat the cause of the fungi but only offer temporary relief from the symptoms.  Today we are taking a closer look at an antifungal cream by Tinactin which claims to cure most ringworm and athlete’s foot by using a clinically proven formula that does not rub off easily and offers relief from irritation, itching, and burning.
In this review of Tinactin Antifungal Cream, we look at the formula and the facts to see if this product lives up to its claims.


  • Tolnaftate 1%

Inactive Ingredients

  • Ceteth-20
  • Cetostearyl alcohol
  • Chlorocresol
  • Mineral oil
  • Propylene glycol
  • Purified water
  • Sodium phosphate monobasic
  • White petrolatum

Tolnaftate is a synthetic antifungal agent used in most over the counter treatments. While there is little-known information on how exactly Tolnaftate works, it is known to prevent the fungus from growing or spreading. Unfortunately, this formula does not contain any natural agents such as tea tree oil or aloe vera to help nourish and soothe the skin. This product may not be effective in offering symptomatic relief from dryness or inflammation without these natural agents.


The infected area should be cleaned and dried before applying a thin layer of Tinactin Antifungal Cream twice a day. You should use the ointment for up to 4 weeks and if the condition persists thereafter, you should consult a doctor. Considering the low dose of Tolnaftate, you may not see drastic results from using this product when compared to other leading brands that offer a higher concentration and require an application of up to 4 times a day.


Tinactin Antifungal Cream is only available for purchase online from third-party retailers. There are 0.5 oz and 1 oz tubes available. The 0.5 oz tube retails from $5.79 to $7.68 and the 1oz tube retails for $7.68 to 14.29. Tinactin offers a $1.00 off promotional coupon on each of the sizes. There are also no bulk purchase discounts available for any of these products.

Possible Side Effects

While there are no side effects recorded by the manufacturer, research shows that there is a possibility of side effects associated with Tolnaftate which include itching, dryness, or peeling of treated skin.


Tinactin Antifungal Cream does not offer any money back guarantee and we were unable to find any returns policy listed on the manufacturer’s website.

Tinactin Antifungal Cream Review – The Bottom Line

Tinactin Antifungal Cream may be a suitable product that is cost effective and helps to prevent the fungi from spreading, but this does not mean that it lives up to its claim of being an overall effective cure to ringworm. The ingredients may offer short-term relief but it does not contain enough proven ingredients to fight the infection at the source. There are not enough nourishing and moisturizing agents in this formula to give you overall symptomatic relief from irritation, dryness or burning of the skin. There is no guarantee to back up this formula either and some testimonials have proven that this product is not effective for them and they were unable to get any form of compensation back from the retailer. This is a major downside to any product and based on the manufacturer’s claims, you would be taking a risk to buy a product that has not provided any clinical data or proof that this formula is, in fact, a cure. We recommend seeking alternative treatments for ringworm from reputable companies that offer effective results and a guarantee to back up their claims.

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