Seed Advanced Botanicals Daily Facial Moisturizer Review - For Younger Healthier Looking Skin Moisturizer Updated December, 2021
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Overall Score 61%

Seed Advanced Botanicals Daily Facial Moisturizer Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This is a product review of Seed Advanced Botanicals Daily Facial Moisturizer. The manufacturer claims that this product can reduce signs of aging by improving skin elasticity as well as tone and texture of skin; leaving it nourished and glowing. With claims of efficacy and high quality, natural ingredients – could this product be the best anti-aging facial moisturizer on the market? This review will examine all aspects of the product, as well as the manufacturer’s customer service, to determine the answer.


This formula contains many beneficial ingredients, a few of which we have listed below:

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that supports the synthesis of collagen, protecting the skin from oxidative damage as well as plump the skin, therefore, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant that reduces scarring while moisturizing and softening skin. Glycerin hydrates the skin by retaining moisture, working alongside Sunflower and Jojoba Seed Oil that also hydrate and nourish skin – supporting the healing of skin cells to deliver more youthful-looking skin. Although these ingredients are beneficial in moisturizing and supporting supple skin; the lack of clinically-proven patented ingredients, such as collagen boosting Trylagen PCB or Argireline NP which reduces the appearance of wrinkles as soon as 15 days of use, is a concern. In saying so, the lack thereof significantly reduces this product’s ability to deliver age-defying benefits; especially when compared to competing brands on the market. Furthermore, this formula contains Sodium Benzoate, a controversial preservative that can potentially be carcinogenic when interacting with vitamin C. Whatsmore, we are uncertain if this product is produced in a GMP certified facility or if its cruelty-free. Therefore, the quality and ethics of the manufacturing process of this product are questionable.


The manufacturer provides very basic instructions for use that border on vague. After cleansing and toning face, apply a small amount of cream from the pump bottle to skin and massage in using an upward motion. There is no indication how many times this product should be used to achieve desired results or how long the product should last. Furthermore, there is no concentration of the ingredients, therefore preventing us from determining if this product formula is effective or not.


Seed Advanced Botanicals Daily Facial Moisturizer can be bought directly from the manufacturer’s online store. A 118ml bottle retails for $29.95, currently available at a 15% discount from $34,95. While this price may be perceived as value for money considering the volume of product received, the formula lack of quality ingredients or GMP certification may suggest that this is a poor quality product. In saying so, customers may need to question what is the true value of the product the intent to buy. Furthermore, there are no bulk offers to support the sustained use of this product.


It was difficult to locate Seed’s manufacturer guarantee. When we found the refund policy, we discovered that it was convoluted and over complicated, without clearly stating the terms in which a refund would be acceptable. This lack of customer support is way below the market standard and does not inspire much confidence in the product’s claimed efficacy. Furthermore, we were unable to locate any third-party customer reviews for this product. The absent source of unbiased testimony for the product’s efficacy is a concern.

Seed Advanced Botanicals Daily Facial Moisturizer Review – The Bottom Line

This product appears to be beneficial, boasting a variety of ingredients that have been known to support some of the claims of efficacy. However; the lack of patented ingredients, the inclusion of a controversial preservative, as well as questionable ethics and quality practice mean that this product formula is not the best anti-aging facial moisturizer on the market. Although the customer service is present in the instructions and manufacturer guarantee provided; both are vague and fall short of the market standard. For these reasons, as well as absent customer reviews, is why we do not recommend Seed Advanced Botanicals Daily Facial Moisturizer.

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