Instant Effects Instant Lip Plumper Review - For Fuller Plumper Lips Lip Plumper Updated July, 2024
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Overall Score 66%

Instant Effects Instant Lip Plumper Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This Instant Effects Instant Lip Plumper review assesses the ability of the product to produce pouty and luscious lips. It contains ingredients which hydrate and volumize skin cells in the lips to provide up to 20% more plump according to trials that the manufacturer has conducted. This product is designed to define the cupid’s bow and smooth out lines in the lips. We take a look at the quality of this product in relation to similar products to determine if this is the best lip plumper product for customers to buy.


The main ingredient in this product is hyaluronic spheres. These spheres are composed of the natural molecule hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the body and it has numerous jobs, mostly serving as a filler for the space between cells and a number of sequential functions in wound healing. In its role in wound healing hyaluronic acid helps to restore the structure of a damaged tissue. In this case it helps to hydrate the cells and it also forms a layer over the cells to protect then from environmental damage. It also helps to regulate any sort of inflammation.

Hyaluronic acid is a good ingredient to include in such a product but it requires supporting ingredients like collagen and various seed oils to work more effectively. We believe that this product is not as effective as others which contain a larger variety of ingredients. There are especially no ingredients in this product to improve blood flow to the lips which often helps with volumizing.


The product comes in a pen like applicator which has a button that can be clicked to release the liquid. Click the button a few times to release the product then smooth the gloss over the lips using the applicator brush. Instant Effects Instant Lip Plumper can be used with other lip products like lipstick.


The manufacturer does not specify what volume of product comes with the order which will cost $33. Instant Effects Instant Lip Plumper can be purchased online directly from the manufacturer. The price does not include shipping except for orders which are over $40. Customers can earn discounts when buying different kinds of products from the manufacturer together but there is no sign of a subscription service or a loyalty program.


Products which are still in their original packaging and have not yet been used or opened can be returned within 14 days of delivery for an exchange or refund. This is not necessarily a guarantee but rather a returns policy. This returns policy is not useful for customers who are unsatisfied with their results after they’ve opened the product.

Instant Effects Instant Lip Plumper Review – The Bottom Line

The manufacturer offers a decent pricefor this product and customers are encouraged to buy more of it to receive the free shipping. Apart from that there really is nothing that sets this product apart. The ingredients it contains are suboptimal and might be ineffective and this product is not guaranteed in any way. It is our opinion that customers take a risk when buying this product and would actually benefit better from other products with better ingredients and a satisfaction guarantee.

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