JetFighter Sleep Review- For Relief From Jetlag Jet Lag Updated February, 2023
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Overall Score 66%

JetFighter Sleep Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

The subject of this review is for a product called JetFighter Sleep. The manufacturer specifically designed this product with travelers in mind. It claims to help fight that occasional sleeplessness associated with jet lag. This dietary supplement is seen as jet lag relief capsules to help one feel better at their destination. Keep on reading to see if JetFighter Sleep is a product that can help you during your travels.


  • Magnesium (oxide/citrate) – 100mg
  • L-Theanine – 200mg
  • GABA – 50mg
  • Phellodendron Root Powder – 50mg
  • Mucuna Pruriens – 50mg
  • 5-HTP – 25mg
  • Melatonin – 1mg

JetFighter Sleep contains ingredients that help with the onset of sleep. It is not designed to help prevent jet lag itself. This is because it does not contain L-ornithine, which is effective in relieving stress and improving sleep quality. Furthermore, it does not provide a dual-action solution to relieve stress and balance the body upon arrival. Lastly, a jet lag supplement should not contain Melatonin as this ingredient, when taken at the incorrect time, can worsen the symptoms of jet lag.


The manufacturer recommends taking 1 capsule, 1 or 2 times before bedtime, with an 8 oz glass of water. One may also take the capsules as directed by their healthcare professional.


JetFighter Sleep is not sold by the manufacturer, nonetheless, it can be purchased online from Amazon. A bottle of 30 capsules will cost you $24.99. The manufacturer does not offer any discounts and there are no bulk packages one may purchase. There is currently a promotion running through one of the re-sellers, however, one must purchase up to 3 other products before receiving a discount.


The manufacturer offers their clients a 30-day full money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the product. This is the only information provided by the manufacturer which leaves us to believe that this is a very weak return policy. We say this, because, there is no indication as to the condition the product must be in upon returning it. A customer may use the product, find that it does not work for them, return the product within 30-days, only to find out that strictly sealed products may be returned. Despite the lack of this information, most people on Amazon seem to have provided positive reviews for the product.

JetFighter Sleep Review – The Bottom Line

After our review on the product JetFighter Sleep we found a few things we liked about it. The product comes in easy to swallow capsules for convenient use. Also, the customer reviews seen on Amazon seem to be mostly positive.

Nonetheless, there are also a few things we found that we did not like about the product and which need to be addressed. Firstly, the product does not contain L-ornithine, which is effective in relieving stress and improving sleep quality. Furthermore, it lacks a dual-action solution for stress relief and a balanced feel to the body at your destination. In addition to this, the product also contains Melatonin, which may actually worsen the symptoms of jet lag. Secondly, the manufacturer does not offer discounts or bulk purchases. Finally, the return policy is very weak as the information concerning the state the product must be in upon returning it is not made available. These reasons lead us to believe that JetFighter Sleep is not the best product on the market for jet lag.

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