Dr Blaine’s Tineacide Foot and Shoe Spray Review - For Symptoms Associated With Athletes Foot Athlete's Foot Updated April, 2024
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Dr Blaine’s Tineacide Foot and Shoe Spray Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This is a review of Tineacide Foot and Shoe Spray. This spray is alleged to be able to kill fungus and bacteria, as well as destroy odor. The manufacturer claims that this spray can prevent fungal infections, toenail fungus, and re-infection, including athlete’s foot.


The active ingredient in this formula, undecylenic acid, helps to avert fungus growth, as it is an antifungal agent. Undecylenic acid is normally found in treatments which eliminate fungal infections such as ringworm, and athlete’s foot, however, it also purports to treat the symptoms of these types of infection.


The spray should be shaken well before use. Spray two bursts directly into the shoe or on the affected foot (the shoe or skin should be clean and dry). Do this two to three times per week. Any sports gear should be treated after each use, or as needed. This spray bottle should provide around 500 doses.


A 2-fluid ounce (59 ml) spray bottle is available on the manufacturer’s website at $19.99. No discounts are offered. However, on a third-party website, such as Amazon, the same spray bottle is available for purchase at $13.95 (including the shipping fee). This is cheaper than the manufacturer’s own website.

Possible Side Effects

Even though the manufacturers of this product state that their product is safe to use, it does contain undecylenic acid which could lead to severe burning or stinging of the skin. If this does occur, stop the treatment and speak to your doctor. Some minor side effects can include redness, dryness, peeling, blisters, and irritation of the skin. However, these side effects normally only present if too much product is applied to the affected areas.


The manufacturers of this treatment product offer a return policy. This policy is unclear. What is clear, however, is that the return policy only applies to products bought on the manufacturer’s own website There is no time limit indicated for allowing a refund. You must, however, obtain a return authorization form by calling the company.

Dr Blaine’s Tineacide Foot and Shoe Spray Review – The Bottom Line

This product is aimed at killing and preventing a fungal infection. In fact, in most ways, this product delivers on its claims. This is an easy-to-use product. However, the size of the bottle is small (only 2 fluid ounces). This could make this spray pricey if has to be used on sportswear on a daily basis. No discounts or package deals are offered. Affected areas, or the shoes, are simply sprayed. There is also a money-back guarantee from the makers of this product. The terms and conditions of this policy are unclear, with no time limits mentioned for returning the items to receive a refund. The active ingredient, undecylenic acid, may irritate sensitive skins.  This can range from minor irritation to severe side effects for which you will need to seek medical help. An overdose could occur easily because the application method is a spray which is not very controlled.

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