Pioneer Comprehensive Yeast Relief Review Yeast Infection Updated September, 2021
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Pioneer Comprehensive Yeast Relief Review

Pioneer Company manufactures Comprehensive Yeast Relief. It is sold as an inhibitor for the continuous growth of yeast and for the regulation of candid which occurs naturally. It uses a formula consisting of all-natural ingredients and is available on more than a few sites online. The bottle is well-labeled, informative, bright and easy to spot.  We looked into what this formulation contains and also wanted to know how it really worked.


  • Berberine sulfate, quebracho and caprylic acid ingredients together work to enhance treatment and to inhibit cell growth.
  • Garlic- known to boost the body’s immunity, the species garlic is part of the onion genus.
  • Uva Ursi- This is a plant type that is linked to the species bearberry. Traditionally, the uva ursi leaf is utilized as medicine such as for treating infections of the urinary tract. In this formula, it works to cleanse the body of infective overgrowth as a diuretic. When orally taken, uva ursa is effective and safe. On the other hand it also causes stomach discomfort, nausea and vomiting. In addition this product also has chemicals that cause the retina of the eyes to become thin.


Comprehensive Yeast Relief needs to be taken four times daily just before meals. You can also divide the dose if you prefer. For more effective and more rapid results you might want to try Yeast Clear. Take Yeast Clear once with breakfast and once with dinner. Increase this to thrice daily with each meal in the month that follows

Side Effects

Unless directed by a physician, this product is not intended for long term use. There may also be contraindications in irritated digestion conditions, acidic urine, disorders  of the kidney or combined with treatment options known for producing acidic urination.

Long Term Results

On many different sites online, you will find this product. On the other hand, there have not been substantial reviews on this product. For this reason the effectiveness of this product cannot be rated on the basis of the experiences of the customer.


When you buy this product straight from the manufacturer, you will find that every sixty-capsule bottle costs $20.79. There are no discounts offered by the company in its listing price. On other retailing outlets online, there are a few that offer a discount of forty one per cent, which brings the price down to $12.20.  When it comes to the product quality, the manufacturer’s price without discount is seemingly high. In one month, you will need to consume two bottles if you adhere to the four capsule dosage suggested per day. Based on the price stated by the company without the discounts, you will then be spending around $42.00 per month.


From the manufacturer, there were no satisfaction guaranteed money back offers. On the other hand, retailing outlets do offer online guarantees and general policies of return to unsatisfied consumers.

Conclusion – Pioneer Comprehensive Yeast Relief Review

This product by Pioneer is quite good. However, it is still not as effective as most products out there. For one, Comprehensive Yeast Relief is not safe for prolonged use and there are more than a few contraindications. In addition, the company does not offer a money back guarantee.

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