Glenmark Fluconazole Tablets Review Yeast Infection Updated March, 2024
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Glenmark Fluconazole Tablets Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This Glenmark Fluconazole Tablets review examines the claims of the product to treat serious fungal infections, yeast infections, and ringworm. Fluconazole is a powerful antifungal that changes the membrane around the fungus. This kills the fungus without harming the body’s cells. This specific product is designed for dogs and cats.


There is limited information on the website regarding the formula of the supplement other than that it contains a 100mg dose of Fluconazole. The product is also available in a 50mg serving. This ingredient works to treat serious fungal infections.


This supplement is to be taken as directed by your veterinarian. There is no direct instruction on the website as the dosage will vary according to what type of fungus it is and how serious it is. The manufacturer states that it can take a few weeks, even months, to fully destroy the infection. If you miss a dose, it is important to not take two doses at the same time. Rather just skip the one you missed.


You can buy the product online for $68.70 for 30 100mg tablets. A bottle containing 30 50mg tablets will cost $47.70. You can also buy individual tablets at a time. One 100mg tablet costs $2.29 each while one 50mg tablet costs $1.59. As this product most likely has to be taken for a long period of time for effective results, it may work out very expensive.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects may include loss of appetite, vomiting and in rare occasions, liver toxicity and a skin rash.Should these, or any other side effects, occur, it is recommended to discontinue use and contact your vet immediately.


There is no guarantee is mentioned on the website.

Glenmark Fluconazole Tablets 100mg Review – The Bottom Line

Glenmark Fluconazole Tablets Seems to be a proven and tested product, though with limited information available on the website. The supplement has an effective outcome, although one would need to be prepared to run an extended course for full results as the supplement is by no means a fast-acting solution. This will probably work out very expensive.

There are competing formulas available with additional natural ingredients included to provide a more all-inclusive approach to dealing with fungal infections. It is also always a good idea to look for a product that comes backed with a money back guarantee.

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