SkinPatico Bleaching Lotion Skin Lightener Review - For Brighter Looking Skin Skin Brightener Updated July, 2024
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Overall Score 69%

SkinPatico Bleaching Lotion Skin Lightener Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

This SkinPatico Bleaching Lotion Skin Lightener review focuses on the manufacturer’s claims that this product evens out skin tone and creates a brighter complexion. This product is designed to rid the skin of acne scars, sun damage and age spots. It also has some ability to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles to make the skin smoother. We evaluate these claims in terms of the features of the product to decide where exactly it fits in on the market.


The only active ingredient is 2% hydroquinone. Hydroquinone inhibits one of the cellular components that is responsible for producing the pigment called melanin. Melanin is what is responsible for dark spots and is usually released in excessive amounts when there is inflammation and damage to the skin cells in the area. Stopping the production of this pigment helps those damaged skin cells to release normal amounts of melanin so that the skin tone evens out. Customer should note that this drug is banned in the European Union and the United Kingdom because of the side effects that it causes such a skin irritation and it even has an association with skin cancer.


The lotion must be used twice a day in the morning or in the evening unless directed differently by a skin care professional. This product must be used consistently for several months in order to see results. It is also highly recommended for customers to use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher when using this product as the skin is more sensitive to the sun when exposed to hydroquinone.


The cost of 2 fl oz of This product is $17.99, which is very affordable. There is also free shipping on all orders. There is no subscription service or loyalty program for this product which does make it more tedious to use over a long period of time and does not particularly encourage a person to buy the product over and over.


The returns policy of this manufacturer states that a package can be returned within 30 days. It is imperative that customers contact the manufacturer to receive authorization for returned by email or the manufacturer will not accept it. All instructions and packaging must be returned with the product and it is unclear whether products that have already been opened are covered by this policy. Customers should be very careful with this policy because it is not clear and they could be caught out on a technical loophole and end up losing money if they are attempting to return the product.

SkinPatico Bleaching Lotion Skin Lightener Review – The Bottom Line

The active ingredient of this product is considered dangerous by a number of regulatory bodies. It is true that the ingredient is still being researched but we would suggest customer stay away from it for now. Other than that the instructions for this product are easily understandable and the cost is very reasonable. Another problem however is that the guarantee is not clear which could result in frustrated customers. There are other manufacturers which are simply more trustworthy in the ingredients that they use and the guarantee that they offer.

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