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Sona CoQ10 Review

Manufacturer’s Claim

With so many CoQ10 products on the market, it’s hard to tell which one is the best value for money that contains the perfect dosage and ingredients. In our review of Sona CoQ10, we will be looking into the facts to see if this is the best solution for you. The manufacturer claims that this high strength supplement is beneficial for those who are taking statin drugs and for those who want to preserve their heart health. The product is also said to improve energy levels and protect the body against free radicals.

These are the facts:


Other Ingredients

  • Bulking agent (Rice bran oil)
  • Beef gelatin
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Humectant (Vegetable glycerin)
  • Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin)
  • Colour (Titanium dioxide)

Coenzyme Q10 has many vital roles within the body such as combating the signs of aging, promoting heart health, producing energy and lowering cholesterol levels. While this product does contain this vital ingredient it’s disappointing to see that there are various fillers which have been proven to affect the potency and quality of the Coenzyme Q10 formulation.


The manufacturer recommends taking one capsule a day with meals. The dosage is significantly lower than those offered by other leading brands. Since there are fillers and binders the product may not be potent enough at all to deliver any measurable results.


A bottle of 30 capsules will cost you roughly $31.30. The product is available for purchase online directly from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any bulk purchase discounts which may mean this product is not affordable for everyone.


There seems to be a refund policy in place however, the manufacturer does not mention the time frame you have in which to return the goods. There is also no mention of what condition the product should be returned in. This returns policy is vague and weaker than the ones we have seen offered by other leading brands.

Sona CoQ10 Review – The Bottom Line

While we like the fact that the natural ingredient may be beneficial to some and the product is fairly priced, we do feel that the additional fillers and binders could affect the quality and purity as shown on many studies. The cost may be fair but it does not work out to be cost effective in the long run seeing that there are no bulk purchasing options available at all. While there may be a returns policy in place, there is vital information excluded from the policy and we cannot confirm if you are covered for a full guarantee if you have opened and tested this product. Based on our findings, we do not recommend this product.

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